Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wide shawl to let go

I'm letting go these two wide shawl. 
New. Just received it today. Bought online. 
Material: Cotton
Price: RM20 each. 
Postage is RM 6 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM 9 for Sabah & Sarawak.
Buy 2 free postage.
Thank you. :)

Email me at nurulfitriah_88@yahoo.com

Monday, August 5, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Tomorrow morning I'm going back to my hometown. My bus is at 9 am. It's 3 am in the morning now and I still haven't slept and I haven't packed my stuff! I hate packing. Will do so after this. Unlike last year Mr B drove me back home all the way from Selangor to Terengganu but this time around he was quite occupied with his work so I take the bus instead. Plus, I don't want to trouble him. Pity him lah hantar I balik  Terengganu then balik Selangor balik. It's not like a stone's throw away. Jauh ok. 

I can't wait to meet my beloved siblings, Didi, Amir and my younger sister, Adik. I miss them so so much! Can't wait to go shopping. I haven't bought my tudung. Haha Didi awal awal warned me not to wear 'tudung langsir' as he calls it. I think he was referring to tudung Fareeda. On another note, I feel a bit sad because I will be apart with Mr B. Haha mengada kan? And I know he feels the same way too. :)

One thing that bothers me most is the fact that I haven't done the work that my supervisor assigned me to do. She asked me to do the coding for the data that we have. And not only that. I even have to do the network for all the coding. Out of 16 data, I only had done 4 of it. I'm so dead. How to do? You tell me. Right now in this particular moment I'm not in the mood for work. It's raya holiday, for God's sake! She can boss me around during my semester holiday I can take that. I told myself repeatedly that this is the sacrifice I made for my masters. I didn't get to balik kampung during my semester holiday because of her. But asking me to do the work during raya holiday? Selfish, that's the right word for it. Padahal last time she promised me I will get 2 weeks holiday for raya. Little did I know 'holiday' here means you-balik-kampung-but-you-still-have-to-do-the-work. Now I'm a dead meat. I don't know when will I be able to do it. I'm home with the people I love whom I haven't met in monthsss and instead of spending time with them you expect me to spend my time in front of the laptop instead?? Selfish, selfish, selfish. There's no way in hell I could do that. She asked me to come back to UPM on 12th August (Monday) but I managed to talk my way out of it and thus I have to come to UPM on 14th instead. Anywho, I refuse to think about that stupid work now. Hopefully I get to find time to do it (which I 100% doubt I could find any). For now I should be delighted that I'm going home tomorrow. I better go pack my stuff now. 

I would like to wish to anyone who is reading my post Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin. To those who are driving back home, drive safe, put on your seat belts and drive below the speed limits. It's better late than never, right? :) I hope everyone will have a great time celebrating raya with your loved ones. Till then. Bye. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New baby

My supervisor has been pestering me to wear shoes everywhere I go. Now that I'm her RA, she would always bring me to attend conference, course, meeting, workshop, teacher's observation and whatnot.While other girls's best-friend are shoes, that is not the case for me. I only have one pair of slipper that I wear on a daily basis. And one selipar jepun for me to go to the bathroom. That's it. I am one simple girl. The same goes to handbag. While other girls have tons of handbags in their collection, I only have one handbag that I've been using since end of 2011. I haven't bought a new one since then. What a cheapskate, huh? 

So yesterday I had to accompany my supervisor to Shah Alam for teacher's observation. Woke up at 6 am (my supervisor woke me up!! duh! I'm just not a morning person), took a quick shower, applied powder, mascara and lip-ice and off I went! While I was walking towards the parking lot, my one and only slipper suddenly decided to turn evil. With no sign whatsoever, the strap of my slipper putus! I don't have any other sandal/shoe/slipper apart from that one. I can't wear my slipper jepun! Then I remembered I haven't throw my old slipper yang dah koyak rabak but in times like this I had no choice but to wear that. Upon seeing my old slipper, my supervisor cringed with laughter and said, "Omg Fitriah, you're embarrassing me! I told you many times to buy shoes". "Haha I know Dr. This is so bad but I don't have other slipper. Or you want me to wear slipper jepun instead??" The thing is, just the night before I told Mr B I wanted to buy shoes. We had set to go and buy it this weekend. Then that morning terus putus, tak sempat pergi beli new shoes. :( What a bad day. 

Nonetheless tonight I bought a new pair of shoes. 

Isn't she lovely?

I was contemplating between this flat shoe or heels. It wasn't really a tough decision for me. I loathe heels, no matter how attractive they are. I just can't walk comfortably in heels. I always find myself envious of those women who looks so pretty walking in heels. I can never be those pretty women. 

Always a flat one for me.

Now I can't wait to flaunt this baby in front of my supervisor! haha.. Hope she approves this!

And then my baby treated me this lovely sandal! Thank you sayang!

A bit tight around the fingers but I love how neat it looks. 

After hunting for shoes in all shoe shops in the mall, we decided to buy them at Sembonia. Other shoe shops are just either too pricey for my pocket or cheap but not to my taste. 

Now I know why I'm not a big fan of shoes. It's difficult to find one that really suits your taste and comfortable on your feet. We spent almost 3 hours looking for shoes, and because all the shops were almost closed, we decided to just pick that. I found one sandal that is sooo comfortable I could sleep in it but costs me a bomb. And the design is just like selipar jepun. No kidding. At least for Rm200++, I expect something pretty la!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The best present

Oh how I miss writing in this blog! I've been abandoning this blog for quite some time because I'm just too lazy to write. Plus, my life is pretty much mundane there's nothing exciting to talk about. 

Anywho, I just turned 25 last Friday! When the clock struck at 12 sharp, my little sister called me and sang a Happy Birthday song to me. And I cried like a little girl lost her barbie. I don't know why it brought me to tears when I heard she sang. Maybe because the gesture she showed, it was very sweet of her. I love you so much adik..:'). Or maybe because it reminded me of my late mom. She used to sing Happy Birthday song when it hit 17 May..
She was dumbfounded when she heard me crying. "Oh are you crying Kak Long? Please don't cry. It's your birthday! You should be happy! And you're getting old!" I laughed at her pun. "I'm not getting old. I'm getting prettier!".

My brother Didie even wished me a day earlier. He said he couldn't wait so he wished me early. Amir texted me on my birthday night and said I am his idol and he misses me so much. I don't really like it when my siblings said I am their inspiration and they want to be like me because I'm such a mess..I have so many flaws. Do not let me start listing them down one by one. It will take hours to finish. That's the best thing about family I guess. Even though we have countless frailties, they still love you nonetheless. 

Btw, I received the best present for my birthday this year! I finally got the long-awaited email from MOHE. They said that my appeal to extend my study leave has been approved. Syukur Alhamdulilah!!! Thank you Allah for granting my wish. Thank you MOHE and UiTM for approving my request. If not, I have to go back to UiTM to teach while at the same struggling to finish my study. Even though there's only three courses left for me to complete my Master, I don't think I can work while at the same time doing project paper. Alhamdulilah I'm so happy with this news! Though I've been informed that I will not be getting any allowance during the extension period,  that's okay. I still have quite a bit of money from my scholarship I hope that would be enough to support me for one semester. No more shopping I guess..hmm..Now I'm waiting for the official letter to arrive. Hurry up! Plus, my supervisor offered me to be her Research Assistant next semester. I'm not sure how much pay I will be getting from the work but I hope it's worth it. 

I have several wishes for my birthday this year. I pray to God that I'll  finish my study on time. I pray that my journey of completing my project paper will go as smooth as silk. My supervisor told me I will collect the data in MRSM Kota Putra which is in BESUT. My God, that is soooo far away!! Last time I told you it's going to be in MRSM Gemencheh, but it had been changed, so Kota Putra it is! I can't help to turn into a green eyed monster when some of my friends are just going to use UPM students as their respondents. How lucky they are! Grrr..I also pray I will get four flat for this and next semester. One last wish is, I pray I will get a Ted one day...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pregnant belly

One of my new year resolution is to exercise (kononnya..). Just like my other resolutions, they go down the drain. Oh well..

Realizing my hideous belly that I swear looks like a pregnant one, I never fail to put some lotion on it and do sit up right before I go to bed every single night. 

But my effort only lasted three days. Then I stopped for no reason except than laziness strikes again. 

Anywho, every day it takes me approximately 15 minutes to walk to my car. Because unfortunately there is no parking lot available for non MPP students like me, so I have to park the car beside the field which is quite far from my college. I thought mehh there's no need to exercise since I've been walking for 30 minutes per day since last year. It should be enough to get me fit and healthy. And I set my Romp jeans as my fat indicator. I've been wearing that jeans for the past 5 years and I'm still wearing it until now. So I figure if I no longer fit into that beloved jeans, then that only means one thing and that is I'm gaining weight. So nahhh since I could still easily squeeze myself in that, I guess there's no need to worry. 

But today out of boredom I took a photo of my belly and my God, it left me speechless. So unattractive..So fat and flabby. I look like three months pregnant. Now I seriously wish I have truckload of money so I can do liposuction. 

I notice that every time I wake up, my belly looks a bit flat but once I drink a glass of water, there it goes. It would suddenly increase into several millimeters.

I told mister I will definitely buy a treadmill one day. That way I don't have to do sit up. He responded, you know treadmill won't make your stomach go flat. You still need to do sit up. Oh man..I hate sit up. It's not fun at all. My only hope now is loosing some, if not all, those nasty fat during the fasting month!


Today I saw a girl cleaning a big bowl of fishes in the toilet. And I was surprised by that rare sight. You see, staying in a hostel, seeing someone cleaning fishes is just like seeing an alien. Unlike those international students who are given 3-bedroom apartments with kitchen in it, we the local students are only given a small room just enough to accommodate a single bed, one study table and one closet that barely fits all my clothes.  

Anyway, she must have a fridge in her room to store that fishes, right?. Hmm how nice to have a fridge in the room..she could eat ice cream anytime she wishes..Or drink ice cold water in the middle of the night..

But how did she cook the fishes? Don't we need gas to cook? Okay maybe she uses electric pan. But from my experience, electric pan is such a pain in the neck. It's not very practical to use electric pan especially to cook fish/chicken in it! It takes ages to heat up and most of the food will be glued at the bottom of the pan. It took me 20 minutes just to make scrambled eggs. -_-. I ended up using the electric pan for soup only. Or maybe she owns an electric hob in her room. Hmm..

Now the whole toilet smells like fish...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

This evening as I walked past the parking lot beside the cafe I noticed there were several food stalls opened along the lot. There were also some booths that sell clothes and tudungs. Usually I would rush into those booths in no time! I would be so delighted by the sight of those pretty clothes and variety types of the displayed tudungs, even if I didn't buy any. It's a kind of therapy for me. Just feasting my eyes with those gorgeous dresses is enough to get me an adrenalin rush. Now who needs exercise? ;p

Anywho, that did not happen today. 

Ignoring those booths who were once the apple of my eye, I walked straight towards the stalls that have foods!

They have various kinds of food that you could possible ask for. I was literally salivating over those beautiful entities in front of me. Laksa penang, char kue teow, fruit juice, takoyaki, pizza, keropok lekor, steamboat food and many more. I ended up with small pizza with chicken topping, a plastic full with keropok lekor, coconut milkshake, and mee hoon tom yam ayam. And I bought another three chocolate bread in case I get hungry in the middle of the night. And.......I finished all of them! Well except the bread it's not past midnight yet. But I even had a bite on a couple of chocolate biscuits just now. Omg..that's just unbelievable.. I eat freaking a lot!!!

My pizza. It tasted surprisingly good!

I forgot to take pictures of the other food for my dinner tonight. Now come to think of it, I find myself feeling slightly guilty. I eat a lot like there's no tomorrow, enjoying delicious food all the time, whereas in another part of the world, people are starving..I think I have reevaluate my life at this point. Cooking is not an option since I'm staying at the college. Maybe I should only spend less than Rm10 per day for food. That way I won't be spending way too much money on food.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mr. Extremely Strict

Tonight I was late for my date with mister and accidentally made him waited for 10 minutes. I was just done with my shower when I received a call from him saying that he's already here. Oh damn it. As fast as lightning, I grabbed my jeans, blouse and cardigan, dabbed a little bit of powder on my face, wrapped my head with my pink scarf without combing my hair! and then ran as fast as I could towards the parking lot while smooching some strawberry lipice to my lips. 

I was praying hard he won't get mad. The first thing I did was apologizing to him for my lateness and planted a big smile across my face. Upon seeing my beautiful smile (heee), he gave in but demanded that I should treat him to dinner to compensate my tardiness, in none other than his beloved Wang Solo. Pheww thank God. Or else the night might be ruined just because of the 10 minutes late. Yes, he is a very punctual man (one of the many qualities that I dig in him) and despises people who late. I am too in the same boat with him, but sometimes due to unexpected turn of events it can't be helped but to run late. Those unexpected turn of events usually include overslept, spending too long in the shower, ironing my clothes and scarf and applying some bb cream. 

Anyway, so the night had not been ruined...just perfect!...or so I thought. We were on our way to go catch a late night movie when he abruptly asked my progress with project paper. Without thinking twice, I told him the truth and blurted out 'chapter 1'. Little did I know that my honesty would kill me...

He then spent a good 20 minutes or so nagging me. 

How I wish I had lied to him earlier then I wouldn't be sitting through this mental torture. 

But deep down I know he is right. 

Thank you my love. If it not because of your scolding, I would be still living in a wonderland. 

My God, it's April now!!! *panic mode*

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Missing them..

Didi whatsapped me this photo of him and adik while they were watching Croods today.

Look at their faces. They looked so happy (especially my lil sister hehe)! I didn't realize just how much I missed them until I saw this picture. Wish I could join them too. 

Even though my aunt doesn't allow us to bring adik to watch movies due to certain reasons, we would still do that secretly. Simply because...we love watching movies! But of course, we would pick movies that are only age appropriate. So most of the time, we would pick cartoons and a very light movie genre. 

Last week my brother, Amer surprised adik by visiting her at her boarding school to celebrate her birthday. He brought along chocolate cake and birthday presents. 

Adik with her cake. The last picture, adik shoving cake to amer's friend. :D
Adik told me in excitement how her class teacher threw her a surprise party in school and she received lots of pressies from her friends except...........from me. Truth is, I haven't bought her anything for her birthday this year. Last year I bought her favourite baju muslimahs (she loves wearing them!) and a couple of books. And I even posted them to Kuantan. This year, I didn't get a chance to do that again. So I told her the truth. She was upset at first but turned chirpy the moment I told her my present is the most special and expensive among them, so it'll take some time. 

Her: Ok then. You may take as long as you need as long as I get the expensive gift. 
Me: What a material girl, you! Become happy the second I mentioned the most expensive gift!
Her: Hahaha..of course!

Oh well, that's my dear little sister who turned 15 this year. May every day brings you nothing but happiness. May Allah bless you with good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, love, togetherness and laughter. Amin. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My work tonight

Helping my supervisor marking her examination papers for undergrad students. They are 50 of them. Thank God they are only objective. It spells suicide they are in the essay or structure form! Especially with the coming presentations and tests..ain't nobody got time for that!

But still, it demands hard work so as not to mark the answers wrongly (you might accidentally do that, if you don't pay close attention) and miscalculate the marks! So I have to double check everything which equals to marking 100 papers. 

On another note, my project paper is still going nowhere. I already submitted my first draft last 2 or 3 weeks but she hasn't given me any detailed feedback regarding my draft. Will meet her again this Thursday. So far I am meeting her on a weekly basis. Sometimes twice a week. I think that's good and I'm very comfortable with me seeing her on a regular basis because it's very essential to have adequate supervision from our supervisor. 

But one bad news though, I might have to conduct my study and collect data in MRSM Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan!! I checked with google map and discovered it will take me around 2 hours ++ to travel from UPM to the location. Well 2 hours is considered not that long right. But I immediately turned into a green-eyed monster as soon as I found out that my friend will only conduct her study in Putrajaya! It will only take her less than 30 minutes to reach there. How nice! Save time, save money!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My new supplement

Lately I've been noticing that my skin has gotten worst. Pimples, black and whiteheads are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. But that alone is not enough for them to ruin my face. So they decided to leave hideous black scars all over it. I don't know what is the main reason behind this breakout, but I say let's blame the assignments and tests!

After spending some time googling, I stumbled into a lot of articles that rave about the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil to women. Convinced by the positive reviews, I got one for myself (or rather two, I bought the Twin Pack). I've been consuming EPO for six months now. However I do not see any significant difference to myself. I'm still having my monthly cramps, pimples would pop up every now and then, I still can't get rid of my ridiculously oily skin (yes, it's that bad) and I still wake up every morning to find my hair all over the pillow. I also shed in the shower and while brushing. But I guess it's normal to shed a few hair. Plus, I have very thick hair that makes it difficult to deal with. Hence losing some won't do any harm. :) I'm also prone to getting huge disgusting pimples before my menses, and unfortunately EPO does not help me in that area too. 

It's pretty weird come to think of it. Why doesn't it work on me, unlike everybody else? Or maybe without my noticing, it actually works. I mean,  if I hadn't taken EPO perhaps my condition would be a lot worst? Nonetheless, I guess I'll just continue consuming until it finishes. 

Anyway these few days upon noticing ugly pimples coming out and happily residing on my skin, I decided to ditch them before it's too late. So I got myself Vitamin C 1000mg today! This time I bought the twin pack as well. It's much cheaper if you buy the twin pack compared to a single bottle. I was bewildered to see there are tons of brands that you can pick from. There are 21st century, BioLife, Kordels, Blackmores and many more! This time I decided to pick the one that contains 1000mg Vitamin C. Last time I tried Vitamin C 500mg and it didn't do as what I had hoped. 

After several minutes of reading all the labels, I was contemplated between choosing BioLife and Blackmores. But it wasn't that hard to make a choice really since Blackmores is cheaper than BioLife. :)

I hope this 1000mg Vitamin C won't let me down!

P/s: Lately I can't help but to notice there are lots of beauty products and supplements that contain gluthathione. They claims gluthathione is a very effective whitening. And being someone who is not fair, I was so tempted to try it! There are basically millions of gluthathione products out there, but the one that caught my attention is AuraWhite. Maybe because they say le pretty Hanez Suraya consumes it too. I was thisssss close to buy it! But after doing some research about it, I came across an article that stated gluthatione supplements are just a marketing ploy to rip us off our money. That is the reason why they asked you to take vitamin c as well while taking glutathione, or not it won't work. It's vitamin c that lighten our skin, not gluthathione. Thank goodness I stumbled into the article! Gluthatione supplements are not cheap, you know!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a bad day..

It seemed like a perfect day today, I woke up to the chirping of birds in the trees across the street, the sun was shining brightly, and the birds continued singing without a care in the world. Except it was not, not even close. I've had a really, really bad day. Everything that could possibly go wrong, had gone wrong. In fact, I haven't felt this down in a million years. 

I woke up unusually early today to prepare for my curriculum evaluation presentation at 3pm. Of course, the slides were all ready, I only have to do some final preparations. To be honest, deep down inside I felt like this was the toughest presentation so far. I just couldn't truly comprehend the materials no matter how much I read the books. Despite the difficulties, I did my best. Staying up all nights (notice it was plural?), preparing the best slides, reading the three unbelievably thick textbooks on curriculum evaluation (and what's with all those scientific jargon? Why can't writers convey their thought in a simplest manner? so that people like me who suck at literature able to understand what it's trying to say!). All week I was secretly wishing and praying hard to God that the class will be canceled so I don't have to present it today, so that I'm left with one more week to better prepare. But life isn't always full with roses. So the class was not cancelled as I had hoped. 

Around 12.30 pm, after wrapping up my final preparations, I wanted to print the slides. Guess what happened? My beloved printer decided to have some fun with me. Definitely not the right time to be messing around with a stress woman who's left with 2 and half hour before the presentation. As unreal as it sounds, suddenly my printer stopped working. This was totally unbelievable for me. I used the printer last night and it was okay. Last friggin' night! So who in the world might have thought it would turn out to be like this? So I took a deep breath, breathed in and out a couple of times and I kept reciting bismillah...but it was to no avail. My heart kept telling me that God was testing me this time. I knew it was. After wasting my precious 45 minutes trying to fix the printer, I made up my mind to leave it alone and just print the slides at the cyber cafe. Plus, I was running out of time. It was already 1.15pm and I haven't had my shower. After taking a bath, I decided to try the printer again, and........................................it magically worked! Alhamdulilah..see? I knew God was testing me. 

I managed to arrive at class 20 minutes early. Great, I had more than enough time to set up the laptop, projector, LCD and whatnot. I was all calm and positive, when suddenly.......................my sweet orange laptop that is so dear to my heart wanted to play hide and seek with me today, Of all the time! If you must know, my laptop had never ever gave me headache, he was very well-behaved. Oh ya, except that ONE time. When he decided to turn all black, but it was a long time ago and I had already forgiven him. But today, 15 minutes right before presenting, my laptop kept hanging. To my dismay, the projector and LCD did not work as well...Ya Allah..

Luckily my friends was there and they helped me resolved the problem. If it were not for them, I didn't know what would have happened. Dr must be really upset when she turn up to see I was still struggling with the technology. So there..all problems solved! 

It was all fine when I began my presentation. I saw my friends and Dr immersed in the presentation and nodded politely at my explanation. I thought everything was going to be okay. But the worst happened. I was in the middle of my presentation when my lecturer asked me to stop. She asked me to stop my presentation and asked me to present another topic instead. She asked me to stop because according to her I missed several points from the book. She asked me to stop because I only missed several points from the book! So wait, I had to stop this presentation and had to do another topic instead? Just because I missed some points from the book??? How ridiculous is that? What about the rest of the slides? Are there all rubbish in it? I took all my points from the book, of course! Ya Allah...only God knows how disappointed I was..to be humiliated like that in front of the class..Okay fine. So I had missed several points from the book, but tak kan solely because of that I need to stop? AND have to do other topic instead? My friends who presented before me pun did not cover the whole book! And she was okay with that. But when it was my turn, just because I missed couple of points, my presentation was rejected! What about giving me a chance to finish my presentation, instead? I had put a lot of effort and hard work in doing the slides, in reading the freaking books, in preparing for today! I was definitely taken aback with what happened. But I tried to put on a big smile across my face. And smiled at her when she said she didn't want to jeopardize my mark, hence the decision. So I nodded respectfully and accepted her decision. After all, she's my superior. 

I tried to be positive about all of this. I told myself hey, cheer up! It was actually a good thing she asked me to stop, because I think I wouldn't be able to explain all those critical theories pun even after studying it for a million times. I admitted it was tough. So yey!!!! I don't have to present that and do other topic instead! Isn't it the best?? Of course, it is!!

But no. Thinking of all my hard work, effort and those sleepless nights go to waste..it was heart breaking. Really. 

I could accept this if my lecturer told me my slides were full of crab, where did you get the info? or maybe I was awful when presenting, but when she asked me to stop just because according to her, I missed several points from the book, it's hard to understand. 

But in a way, God has granting me my wish. To not to present today. That was what I had wished all week. Apparently it did came true. Just not the way I imagined it would be. 

After shedding some tears, I guess I feel much better now. Everything has it's own silver lining kan. Maybe ada hikmah behind what had happened today. I don't know..One thing for sure, I felt tested by God. Maybe He did this to me so that I come back to Him.. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dinner Date

Curriculum theory class finished at 6 pm today. Checked my phone but there was no text from mister. *Sigh* I was secretly hoping he would ask me out since he was off work today, but of course I didn't tell him that. Then I texted him, "kelas dah habis". To my dismay he simply replied "bagus". Ok fine, I thought. I'll try again in a few minutes. Not long after that, I typed "Otw ke cafe. Yang makan ape mlm ni?" and hit the send button. "Nak makan ape malam ni?, he plainly asked. At this point I already pulled a face and just replied him "Tak tau lagi". In a split second a new text came into my sight saying "Jom makan kat luar nak tak?" Heeeeee I think I was smiling from ear to ear. :) 

So off we went to Sunway Pyramid. After considering several places to have our dinner, we decided to eat at Kenny Rogers. I think the last time we went there was 3 years ago. Yes, we rarely go to expensive and high end eateries. Apparently we are much comfortable going to the usual kedai makan like Wang Solo. hihi. We ordered roasted chicken with original sauce. Oh dear..Sedapnyaaaa..

Oh prior to that, before the heaven roasted chicken arrived, mister told me he missed a call from Ibu and needed to call her back. Okay with me. But it was starting to get on my nerves when he took 20 minutes speaking on the phone. I don't wanna sound like some jealous woman but I knew for a fact that he never spend that long on the phone with her mom. Trying to look cool, I asked him what took him so long upon his return. But it only took nano second for me to start behaving like a mad woman. 

"Who did you actually call?"
"You didn't really call your mom, did you?"
"You were on the phone with some other girl, did you?"
"What is her name?" 

Haha..I say blame the hormone! My questions were left unanswered and I somehow forgot that I was mad once I tasted the freshly roasted chicken in my mouth. It was insanely delicious! Yum! Once we're done with our dinner, mister suddenly handed me a white box with a little pink card on it, tied in a ribbon. Oh my..I didn't know how to describe my feeling at that moment. I was genuinely shocked with the surprise. I never expect he would do such thing simply because he never surprised me before and he did mentioned he's not the type of guy who know how to surprise woman. So those 20 minutes he claimed speaking on the phone with Ibu was actually he going to Pandora to buy me a bracelet charms. :)

I love it love it so much! There are only four charms so far..will slowly complete the bracelet later on..It may take yearssss for me to complete it since the charm is soooo expensive! Maybe I'd buy the charm once in a blue moon..

Thank you so much sayang. I really like it! Sampai sayang pulak nak pakai. :D

The latest spring collection from Pandora. So pretty!!

Look at those sparkly hearts! They're beautiful! Pink heart would be my next purchase. 

I want mine to be crafted pretty much like this! since I'm a big fan of pink..

Sian dia kena scold with me. Hee 

I'm one happy woman!

Sempat snapped a photo of me right before going to the class and sent it to mister. Haha..Oh I love how 360 camera makes me looks so flawless! Hahaha..I don't know why but I found  it so funny maybe because in reality I'm sure as hell as do not look as fair and have crystal clear skin as in the picture portrays. :D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marina Diamandis

The latest single from my crush Marina. And.......I'm hooked! Been listening to it all day long.  
Though the song contains a large proportion of repeated phrase, I still love it anyway. :)

Btw, as always Marina looks absolutely stunning in the video. The dark red wedding dress that she's wearing is beyond beautiful. I want her face and her perfect hourglass body!!

All this while I thought I am the only girl who's crazily in love with Marina. Turn out, after doing some googling, I found lots of websites that are created especially to Marina. Come to my surprise, I stumbled into  a website named "The We Love Marina Diamandis' Eyebrows Club" and there are tons of Marina's eyebrows photos in the website. Haha..I couldn't even imagine that..so they are basically obsessed with Marina's eyebrows. :D

As expected, I also came across a website dedicated to Marina's bosom. They claimed the existence of the website is not to degrade Marina or objectified her. It's simply to admire the natural art of her truly fantastic bust. I hope there are only girls in the website!

As her fan, I really wish Marina wouldn't use her body as an asset in her career. Plus, with her face and amazing voice that she owns and amazing ability to write her own songs, she clearly doesn't need to do such thing. And I actually believe she wouldn't do that. Eceh..Nonetheless, I still love her, big or small cup. Just don't stop doing what you're doing now, making music that is pleasant to my ears. 

P/s: Sometimes I can't helped but to wonder why she isn't as famous as Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and whatnot. Her vocal is 100% better than those singers. Yes, I listened to her live performance. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


*Breath in, breath out*
Oh my..Aren't they just lovely? I can't stop looking at these pretty babies! Been staring at them for hours..
How I wish I could own all of them..seriously..

Monday, March 4, 2013

One way to get motivated instantly

To be honest, I do not know what is happening to myself lately. I've been a lazy girl, lazy girl. Been sleeping a lot and spending a huge amount of time on the internet. Every morning my clock wakes me up and every morning I would lie on bed until the very last minute before I am forced to get up. I guess my body, soul, and mind still think we are still in a holiday phase. I keep having this thought that there is definitely something wrong with me. Like maybe I have "jin" in my body, that's why I've been behaving like this. (Padahal memang dasar pemalas, now wanna put the blame on jin pulak!) Gosh, but I hope it's not due to that reason. This is just my wild thinking, resulting from watching too much horror movies and hearing lots of those kind of stories and experiences from my classmate and my lecturer. 

I haven't got any assignment done within these 2 weeks. The new semester has only begun for two weeks, yet I already feel it has taken its toll on me. I don't know how on earth did I manage to take five subjects last semester. This semester I'm only taking four subjects, yet I already sense the pressure. 

I know I should get my lazy ass out of the bed and actually start doing my project paper! It's just that the topic itself is difficult to get me start working on it. Hence it is going nowhere as we speak. What's with my supervisor some more. Please don't get me wrong. My supervisor is the loveliest person on earth. She's literally a very wonderful lecturer. But her sky high expectation is freaking me out. Reading endless journals and books makes me wanna cry. No matter how much I love reading, journals, textbooks and any educational reading materials are beyond doubt not to my liking. But then again, to be an excellent  educator, I believe one has to be intact with educational materials. After all, learning is a never ending process for educator. They will constantly learning throughout their life. As a saying goes, "a teacher can never read too much". I forgot who said that, stumbled upon that remarkable statement while reading some journals last semester. 

In all honesty, I don't have any idea how other people manage to get through this stage (masters/phd) successfully. Especially those who are juggling between work, study, husband, kid and whatnot. But still manage to pull this off with flying colours. They must be super women. I'd be lying if I say I haven't thought about quitting my study (the thought comes at least 2,3 times in one semester!), but thinking of how much money I have to pay to UiTM back, the thought quickly vanishes. Haha. As for now, I just have to suck it up!

Anyway, because of this:

I guess I won't be sleeping tonight. :D

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello student's life

Goodbye to sleepless nights of watching movies..
Goodbye to endless sleep..
Goodbye to waking up late..
Goodbye to having fun and partying all day..

Ok. That one is obviously a lie. I don't party. :D

I'm not ready to go back to school tomorrow!
I'm not ready to meet my supervisor!
Last time I made a promise to myself that I will enjoy my holiday for one week then I'll start working on my project paper. Apparently it is easier said than done. This one month of semester break I did nothing except sleeping, watching movies, eating, and the routines continued everyday..totally unproductive, I would say. But I'm not yet ready to bid farewell to those unproductive days. It's hard to believe it's already been one month. How times flies! Meeting my supervisor has been put on hold for too long, now I'm scared to meet her. I'm a dead meat! I really really hate this feeling.

Class is gonna start tomorrow and mister asked me to do some reading to be fully prepared for the class. And.....I haven't! Been too occupied with online shopping..They are just too many I can go crazy! I can't stop browsing the beautiful clothes, dresses, shawls, skirts..Sometimes I thought to myself, is it normal to be spending hourssss just browsing through the online retails. Luckily for me I guess I still have a small amount of self restraint in my vein so sometimes I could fight those urges and cravings to own them. Therefore looking at those beautiful clothes won't do any harm to me (or my purse, to be specific). 

Nonetheless, I must admit my brain has gotten a bit rusty since I've abandoned any reading materials once the holidays started. Oh wait..I do read. In fact, I read everyday. Facebook, blogs, gossip websites, they are considered as reading materials also! No worries. the class starts at 6 pm, I still have plenty of time to catch up! 

Dear semester three, please pretty please with sugar, and whipped cream and nuts and banana split and cherry on top 
be kind to me. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

No ugly woman

"There are no ugly woman, only lazy ones"
~Helena Rubinstein

I stumbled upon this quote when I was browsing through some posts on tumblr. And I love it! It's true, isn't it?

In my case, every morning I would spend almost one hour just to get ready. After my 30 minutes bath (Yes, I'm one of the weird and annoying people who spend a lot in the shower. (I say it is weird coz very few people I know share the same habit as mine and it is annoying coz my siblings are annoyed with me taking a lot of time in the shower.)

I have to wash my face, put some toner on, dab a little bit of sun block (sometimes), then apply some bb cream, baby powder and put on a layer of compact powder as a finishing touch. Then I will also add on some mascara (mascara is my best friend! I absolutely can't live without it!) and lastly I will smooch some lip ice to my pale lips. 

You see all this routine takes up a lot of my time in the morning. Therefore I'm fascinated by women who are not only do the same routine as mine, but also add on primers, foundation, blusher, concealer, eye shadow, mineral veil, eye liner, eye cream, and whatnot everyday! Just wow..they must be spending at least two hours in front of the mirror..

I wish I can just go out with my bare naked face but I can't. I just can't afford that. In the event of emergency where I have to rush and there's no time to spend in front of the mirror, or when I just need to go to the cafe, I will at least put my powder on. Yeah, I guess I'm insecure that way. Forgive me for I'm not blessed with naturally smooth and clear face. 

But my routine for the night only includes cleansing, tonering and applying some bedak sejuk. Yes, I'm a huge fan of bedak sejuk! I've been very loyal towards it, been using it since I was in secondary school. Even though bedak sejuk is not helping me achieve crystal clear skin like claimed by SK2, it sure does help me  in controlling my unbelievably super oily skin. Pimples do come out once in a blue moon, but to this very moment, it's not serious. 

I have yet pampering myself with mask routine like some woman do. I heard and read a lot of amazing things mask can do to your skin. There are various kind of mask you can try on. What specifically caught my eyes was homemade and natural masks like using yogurt, oatmeal, egg white, apple slices and many more that require less money and whats more, they are totally organic, free from any harmful chemicals and thus safe for our skin. So far, I've tried oatmeal. Not as a mask, but as a facial cleanser. Instead of putting them on my face as a mask, I wash my face by scrubbing them on. But I rarely do this. Only when miss rajin hits me. I'm too lazy to make it a habit. Wait until my skin get sagging and all...then it will be too late, fit!

With all that make up (cream, foundation, powder, blusher, etc), skin care, body lotion, facial treatment, hair getting done and coloured, fabulous outfits, branded designer handbags, colourful shawls, contact lenses, trendy high heels, supplements, vitamins, collagen, an all that stuff that women need in order to be and feel beautiful surely demand truckloads of money too! 

P/s: No, I'm never getting my hair done nor do I wear designer handbags and clothes, and high heels. It's a general statement. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy birthday boneng! 

May God blesses you with all that your heart desires. 

I guess words cannot be enough to tell you what you are to me. Thank you for loving me the way you do. May our love stay strong and last forever! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not a crafty person

Spent hours googling some tutorials on how to make a homemade birthday card to our loved ones. I thought it will be more thoughtful and meaningful if I opt for homemade card instead of picking out one at the store. Plus, I could show him the creative side of me that he would never imagine. Haha..but my pursuit apparently was to no avail. 

Sure there are tons of brilliant ideas that catch my attention. But it took me so looooong to find the one that is so easy and simple to make. Even the easiest tutorial on the net is still complicated for me! Gosh, I'm so hopeless. Lack of identity as a crafty person makes it impossible for me to do this. Blame the genes! 

Guess I'll have to resort to picking out one at the store. Though it doesn't have any personal touch on it, it is definitely more convenient than cracking my head on how to make one. haha..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In a dilemma

When I went to Ipoh last time, Ibu and I had our little girl talk. Ibu voiced out her desire to meet my parents and to further discuss about my relationship with mister. Since we have been dating for quite a while hence Ibu thinks it's high time we finally tie the knot. She acknowledges the fact that I'm still studying and thus want to 'hantar tanda' first. I also would like to finish my masters first and maybe work for like a year or two before settling down. Although in all honesty, seeing my friends get married and have babies, I feel like getting married in an instant too! And it surely doesn't help when some of them constantly updating their facebook status about how wonderful their life after marriage is. And look at those cute little babies! So adorable I wanna chew them! 

I found myself all bubbly inside when Ibu said that and I swear I could feel my cheeks were turning red and hot. I tried to hide my bright smile and tried to act cool as possible as I can. haha..Ibu asked me to inform my parents about her wish and I nodded. Although at that particular moment my head was already spinning like crazy trying to figure out how am I going to spill it out to my parents. 

When I went back home, I didn't tell my parents about it at all. How am I going to tell them? Me and my father we barely even talk. How am I going to tell him something as important as this? Should I go to my step mom instead? She never even ask me about myself, which also made it difficult to start the conversation. I thought maybe I could let them know some other time. Plus, it's not like Ibu wants to meet my parents soon. I remember vividly that she mentioned she would like to see them at the end of this year. So I told myself fret not. I still have more time to surprise them. 

But today I received a news that makes me hyperventilate. Mister received a call from Ibu and she asked him whether she could meet my parents next month. NEXT MONTH! IN MARCH! I know I should be joyful upon hearing it. I am, actually. But what makes me a nervous wreck is the fact that I haven't tell my parents about it. Whats worse is that they don't have any idea about my several years of courstship with mister. Not a single clue. How lah?? 

Now I really wish my mom is still here. If my mom is here, I won't have to face this much difficulty just to inform my dad and step mom about this matter. I would be more than happy to let my mom know about this.  

Even though we are not exactly on speaking terms, I'm sure my father cares about me. It's just that I don't know how to strike the conversation with him. 

To mister, I hope you will understand the reason why I haven't tell my parents about us and also about your parents wanting to meet mine. Perhaps you will find it hard to comprehend the thing I face, what I went through with my parents since no one really knows what it's like to walk in other's shoes. It's easier to simply ask me to 'just tell them', but for me it's like asking me to swallow a bomb. It hurts me big time when you easily accused me of not wanting this to happen. Please for once put yourself in my place and try to understand my situation with my parents. In the mean time, I promise I will let my father knows about your parents' intention.

Love you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can't get enough

Too engrossed with his food. 

Set Ayam Penyet. Yummy! But too spicy. 

Now that he's discovered Wang Solo has its' own franchise in Bangi, there's no other place he wants to go except Wang Solo. I feel like he could eat this to infinity. Been there twice this week!

"It would be great if Wang Solo offers a delivery service!", he claimed. 

Thank God, they don't. If not, he would definitely consume them every single day. 

But come to think of it, I think it is pretty easy to prepare this dish. All you have to do is fry tempe, tauhu and chicken. Then prepare the sambal pedas and sambal terung. Oh yes, don't forget to fry his beloved emping too. It's not that big a deal. "I can cook this! Easy peasy meh..."I once told him. He simply smirked at my self proclaimed expert at cooking.  Haha okay maybe the end result may not be as scrumptious and mouth watering as the original, but I seriously think they are easy to make!


Went out with mister couple of days ago. While shopping, I told him I needed to go the ladies. He offered to accompany me. I insisted that he should continue shopping and assured him that I'll join him after I'm done. But he, being the most hard headed person in the planet, kept on wanting to tag along to the loo. To the loo. I convinced him that it will only take less than 5 minutes so he should just stay. Gosh, he won't listen to me. Paranoid that I will get kidnap or rape...in the mall. Nonetheless, after 20 minutes of persuading session, he finally reluctantly let me went to the ladies alone. Fuih! Weird. He's normally not that clingy..

Once I'm done with my 'thing', I quickly went to get him. A big smile pasted across his face, revealing his pearly white teeth. He looked at me with bright sparkling eyes. "Whats up?", I questioned him, trying to act cool. He then struck me with tons of  inquiries which clearly illustrated his doubt towards me going to the loo. Where have you been? You're not going to the loo right? What took you so long? You lied to me, didn't you? Tell me truth, will you? He even pretended to borrow my money to see how much I got in my purse coz he knew earlier I just withdrew some amount of money thus he wanted to see how much it left..Haha nice try, mister! But I'm not that naive to be fooled by you. :) Obviously he suspected me of going somewhere else instead of the washroom. To buy him a gift for his upcoming birthday. He was so thrilled, I couldn't bear to burst his bubble. But I had to! I told him he was wrong and he shouldn't be too hopeful as it made me feel guilty. 

But then all day long he kept looking at me with big grin on his face. He was as happy as a clam at high tide, not knowing whether he's right or wrong. And he was being super nice, helping me carried my handbag while we shopped. But I knew very well his real intention of doing that, so he could secretly took a peep what's inside my handbag. Haha..funny..

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Restoran Ayam Penyet AP, Kuantan.
Three creatures that I love so much. 

The food there was not as delicious as I thought it would be. Quite frustrated since I heard a lot of rave about this franchise.
Promise them to bring them to Wang Solo if they ever been to Selangor. 
But come to think of it, I bet they wouldn't be able to bear the spiciness! 
It is too hot and spicy even for someone who likes spicy food, like me. 
But love the food, nonetheless. 
*Secretly hoping they would reduce the spiciness*

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Token from Ipoh

Whenever we balik Ipoh, Ibu would never fail to pack us some food to be brought home.

Usually Ibu would tapau us some rice and dishes, so we could eat them once we've reached home. 

 And Ibu loves to give us kerepek to munch on our way back to KL, be it pisang or ubi. I'm a huge fan of kerepek! I could finish the whole packet in a split second! Okay that is a bit over exaggerated  but you get what I mean. :)

Last week I was given a jar of very delicious homemade pineapple tarts. Yummy!

The best melt-in-the-mouth pineapple tarts. :)

They are soft yet crumbly when you put them in your mouth. The pineapple paste is really good too. It is sweet, but not too sweet, which is wonderful cos I don't like it if it is too sweet. I'm normally not into pineapple tarts, but this one I could eat several in one gulp!

Ibu also gave me homemade chocolate candy. Guess what, I helped Ibu making that! What an accomplishment! Haha..no. It's actually unbelievably easy to make. You just have to melt the chocolate in double-boiler. Make sure the chocolate is chopped into pieces to ensure even melting. At first, I tried to melt the large block of chocolate without chopping them first. 15 minutes passed, but the chocolate was still as hard as rock! So I decided to chop them. Thus never try to melt large blocks of chocolate that have not been chopped. Then all you have to do is stir the chocolate till you feel like your arm is falling off. 

After that, quickly put the chocolate into the preferred shape. You have to do this quickly before the chocolate starts to harden. Then put the chocolate in the fridge for several minutes. Then you're done! I didn't manage to snap the photo of my chocolate. I literally gobble them down when they are done. They are just sooo goood! 

Everyone seems to be into collagen nowadays. So does Ibu. As we age, collagen production decreases. Therefore we need to consume collagen to maintain and recover a youthful appearance and achieve healthy and great-looking skin. 

Ibu asked me whether I'm already taking any. I said no. Then she started to preach me on the importance of collagen, not only for skin but also for general health and handed me a pack of pure marine collagen.

Pure marine collagen from her. 

I'm super excited to try it! Hanis told me she's only been taking this for three weeks, yet she notices stubborn acnes that are literally living on her forehead started to disappear, and now they are all gone. Wow! I MUST try this. 

But umm the problem is it's full of twists and turns to prepare. I have to wash them, soak them, then wash them again and then boil them. How I wish I could just put them in my mouth without having to go through the steps first. Hehe..

I still haven't touch Cocoa Collagen that I bought last time. And all I have to do is put them into the mug, add some water, and then there you go! The simplest and easiest thing to do, yet I still wish I could simply put them in my mouth! 

I find it hard and maybe impossible to drink it because whenever I feel thirsty, I would opt for plain water instead of other drinks. The same thing goes for my powder milk. Promised myself to drink milk everyday, but when I'm feeling thirst, plain water would always be my favourite. 

Luckily, I just checked the expiry date for my cocoa collagen and  it is going to be next year. So I still have one whole year to get chummy with them. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear little sister

My dear little sister is going to sit for PMR this year. I'm so worried for her. I've been there and done that. I know what she's going through right now. But the circumstance she's facing is far worse than me. Will she be able to handle the pressure and stress? She's a brilliant student ever since she was a kid. She was always on top of her class. But this time I can't helped but to feel anxious for her. I'm freaking out!! Will she be able to perform well? Will she be able to pass with flying colours? I tried no to pressurize her but whenever we are on the phone, I find myself constantly talking about how she should study harder, that she needs to perform very very well, by hook or by crook.

I know I shouldn't be doing that, am I? I'm just going to pressure and burden her with my ridiculously high expectations. But what I'm doing is out of love towards her. I just want the best out of her. I want her to achieve success in her life. I want her to feel happy when she manages to attain straight A's later. I want her to feel good about herself. Sure, it's not the end of the world if she couldn't get 8As in her examination, but I know very well that she would be brokenhearted if she doesn't. And being her big sister, I don't want that to happen. 

I try my very best to be the best sister for her. So do Didie and Amir. I know they are trying their very best too. I don't want her to feel lonely and neglected. To feel a sense of loss. She never had the chance to see and get to know her father and she's just 9 years old when she lost our mother. She's a strong and special kid. At such a young age she lost both of our parents and had to live with our aunt and uncle. I don't know how I'm going to face that, if I were her. When mom left us, I was 18 years old. So I was mature enough and thus could endure the emotional turmoil of losing our mother. But what about my little sister? Alhamdulilah she's as strong as fire. I remembered crying when we were having dinner together and she suddenly told me to not cry but instead I should dedicate some doa to our beloved mother..

We are blessed and fortunate to be granted with such kind and helpful aunt and uncle who are willing to take care and raise my sister like their own flesh and blood. I, in a million years won't be able to pay the flood of kindness and goodness from them. Only Allah could pay their kindness. May Allah bless them with good health, prosperity and happiness in here and hereafter.  Amin..

To my dear little sister, adik, even though you won't be reading this, do know that your sister loves you so much. You are never alone in this world. You are blessed with lots of people who loves you unconditionally. Remember you'll always have me, abang didie, abang amir, ayah and of course ma and bab. When I scold you, it's because I love you so much and I'm worried about you. I'm your sister, that's what I do. I always pray that you will be successful in everything you do. Amin ya rabbal alamin. 

3 important people in my life. 

Huge bags

Wow what huge eye bags you got there, missy! :( I guess they get worse during this semester holidays. I've been abandoning my beauty sleep and spending a lot of time watching movies. Currently I'm hooked into Chuck. 10 more episodes left. Maybe I could finish them tonight. Before the break, I've promised myself to spend time reading, but now there goes my pleasure reading. I'll start reading once I finish watching all the best movies.  

I looked like a mess, tired and unattractive. Excuse the paleness. My lips were colourless it made me look sick. That's why I always love to apply red lipstick on my lippie. For me it is one of the crucial elements to looking fabulous! But mister don't really like it when I put some colours to my lips. This time I was exhausted from waiting my advisor. Waited for him for like 3 hours just to fill in my progress report. And at the end, he simply asked me to write the report on his behalf. No biggie actually. I just praised myself enough to look good in the report. 

So I wrote:
"Fitriah is showing interest and enthusiasm for study and has shown a good attitude in striving excellency in her study. She is also making steady progress academically and is maintaining grade-level achievements"

Hahaha..there you go..I wish I could write longer and boost myself more. But I think that's enough. The only  thing that worries me is my handwriting. It's obviously a student's handwriting, not a professor's. I hope people who will check the report won't notice or be bothered about it. Or else I'm a dead meat. And I also misspelled 'enthusiasm' and 'maintaining' in my report. Great! That is so bad man. I can't even spell those two words correctly. My English is deteriorating. 

Nonetheless, just now I googled some of the reasons behind large eye bags. They says lack of sleep, bad make up removal habits, age and genetic can all give rise to the appearance of eye bags. Apparently there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to eliminate the hideous eye bags. So there's no need to spend a lot of money on removing those baggy eyes. Three easiest ways that caught my attention (lazy girl detected) are by using cold water, tea bags and cucumber. Piece of cake!

But I guess the most easiest way to kick out those unpleasant creature is by sleeping! Hehe..got to sleep mooooore! 

So goodnight peeps!

But umm maybe not tonight. I got Chuck to catch. Maybe I'll start sleeping early tomorrow night. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet reward

A sweet reward to myself for getting 4.0 last semester. Alhamdulilah. This is my very first time getting 4.0. So I felt like I was flouting on a cloud nine! The feeling was heaven knowing that all the hard work you poured into and determination paid off at the end of the day. 

But to me the downside of getting four flat is that, you will endure more pressure to maintain flying colours result for the following semesters. You'll work extra harder than you used to, you'll become more anxious of everything, you expect a lot from yourself and therefore pressurize yourself to perform well, which will lead to spending longer hours of studying and working on the assignments. Yes, it's a good thing to be working extra harder than you used to, but the combination of high expectations and constant pressure will cause stress. And I do not like it at all. Of course a certain amount of stress is beneficial as it will make you always be on your own two feet. But when it spirals out of control, it can have disastrous effects on ourselves. 

But I'm praying and rooting only for the best. I refuse to think of the negativity of it. Lets embrace ourselves with positive vibes. I believe everything will turn out great when you've set your mind so. That's what I always tell myself. Think positive, think positive, think positive has become my ultimate mantra in everything I do. 

Even though right now as we speak, the thought of facing project paper and working with my supervisor makes me cringe and gives me a sudden headache. I'm so terrified! The topic that I'm going to write for my project paper is relatively new and hasn't been discovered by various literature. Doesn't it mean I'm going to face difficulty in writing the literature review? Yes? There are so many things running on my mind right now, mostly about my project. I'm sure a lot of my friends who are pursuing their masters now are facing the same thing as mine. No? Or is it just me??

I'm not naturally born and gifted with a super genius mind therefore this journey of getting masters has been a rough one for me. But nevertheless, lets hope for the better! To all my friends out there who are struggling with your Masters/Phd as well, lets us now endeavor, together with hard work and persistent, we can make it! InsyaAllah. Amin.

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