Friday, February 15, 2013

No ugly woman

"There are no ugly woman, only lazy ones"
~Helena Rubinstein

I stumbled upon this quote when I was browsing through some posts on tumblr. And I love it! It's true, isn't it?

In my case, every morning I would spend almost one hour just to get ready. After my 30 minutes bath (Yes, I'm one of the weird and annoying people who spend a lot in the shower. (I say it is weird coz very few people I know share the same habit as mine and it is annoying coz my siblings are annoyed with me taking a lot of time in the shower.)

I have to wash my face, put some toner on, dab a little bit of sun block (sometimes), then apply some bb cream, baby powder and put on a layer of compact powder as a finishing touch. Then I will also add on some mascara (mascara is my best friend! I absolutely can't live without it!) and lastly I will smooch some lip ice to my pale lips. 

You see all this routine takes up a lot of my time in the morning. Therefore I'm fascinated by women who are not only do the same routine as mine, but also add on primers, foundation, blusher, concealer, eye shadow, mineral veil, eye liner, eye cream, and whatnot everyday! Just wow..they must be spending at least two hours in front of the mirror..

I wish I can just go out with my bare naked face but I can't. I just can't afford that. In the event of emergency where I have to rush and there's no time to spend in front of the mirror, or when I just need to go to the cafe, I will at least put my powder on. Yeah, I guess I'm insecure that way. Forgive me for I'm not blessed with naturally smooth and clear face. 

But my routine for the night only includes cleansing, tonering and applying some bedak sejuk. Yes, I'm a huge fan of bedak sejuk! I've been very loyal towards it, been using it since I was in secondary school. Even though bedak sejuk is not helping me achieve crystal clear skin like claimed by SK2, it sure does help me  in controlling my unbelievably super oily skin. Pimples do come out once in a blue moon, but to this very moment, it's not serious. 

I have yet pampering myself with mask routine like some woman do. I heard and read a lot of amazing things mask can do to your skin. There are various kind of mask you can try on. What specifically caught my eyes was homemade and natural masks like using yogurt, oatmeal, egg white, apple slices and many more that require less money and whats more, they are totally organic, free from any harmful chemicals and thus safe for our skin. So far, I've tried oatmeal. Not as a mask, but as a facial cleanser. Instead of putting them on my face as a mask, I wash my face by scrubbing them on. But I rarely do this. Only when miss rajin hits me. I'm too lazy to make it a habit. Wait until my skin get sagging and all...then it will be too late, fit!

With all that make up (cream, foundation, powder, blusher, etc), skin care, body lotion, facial treatment, hair getting done and coloured, fabulous outfits, branded designer handbags, colourful shawls, contact lenses, trendy high heels, supplements, vitamins, collagen, an all that stuff that women need in order to be and feel beautiful surely demand truckloads of money too! 

P/s: No, I'm never getting my hair done nor do I wear designer handbags and clothes, and high heels. It's a general statement. 

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