Saturday, February 9, 2013


Went out with mister couple of days ago. While shopping, I told him I needed to go the ladies. He offered to accompany me. I insisted that he should continue shopping and assured him that I'll join him after I'm done. But he, being the most hard headed person in the planet, kept on wanting to tag along to the loo. To the loo. I convinced him that it will only take less than 5 minutes so he should just stay. Gosh, he won't listen to me. Paranoid that I will get kidnap or the mall. Nonetheless, after 20 minutes of persuading session, he finally reluctantly let me went to the ladies alone. Fuih! Weird. He's normally not that clingy..

Once I'm done with my 'thing', I quickly went to get him. A big smile pasted across his face, revealing his pearly white teeth. He looked at me with bright sparkling eyes. "Whats up?", I questioned him, trying to act cool. He then struck me with tons of  inquiries which clearly illustrated his doubt towards me going to the loo. Where have you been? You're not going to the loo right? What took you so long? You lied to me, didn't you? Tell me truth, will you? He even pretended to borrow my money to see how much I got in my purse coz he knew earlier I just withdrew some amount of money thus he wanted to see how much it left..Haha nice try, mister! But I'm not that naive to be fooled by you. :) Obviously he suspected me of going somewhere else instead of the washroom. To buy him a gift for his upcoming birthday. He was so thrilled, I couldn't bear to burst his bubble. But I had to! I told him he was wrong and he shouldn't be too hopeful as it made me feel guilty. 

But then all day long he kept looking at me with big grin on his face. He was as happy as a clam at high tide, not knowing whether he's right or wrong. And he was being super nice, helping me carried my handbag while we shopped. But I knew very well his real intention of doing that, so he could secretly took a peep what's inside my handbag. Haha..funny..

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