Sunday, May 11, 2014

Entering new phase

Assalamualaikum..hi! It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Not because I'm super busy. It's just that I'm super malas...hehe..So what's new with my life?

I've finally received the long-awaited letter which is offer letter from UiTM. Yeay! Syukur Alhamdulilah..If only I could share this good news with my mom..

As I expected, I've been placed (is this the correct word??) in UiTM Shah Alam seksyen 17. My faculty dulu..tak tahu nak rasa ape..gembira but feeling superrrrrrrrrrrr anxious, nervous, and intimidated! be working with my lecturers dulu..takutnyaa..takde geng pulak tu. Moga Allah permudahkan..Amin.

Anyway, tonight is the last night I'm in UPM. Lepas ni, I'm going to pack everything up and tomorrow morning pindah Shah Alam. Oh ya, I found a rent house in seksyen 17. I think it costs me a bomb laa with it's size. Barulah rasa wahh seronoknye duduk UPM selama ni. Bilik besar, free wifi (utmost importance!) with high speed, cafe dekat..and only costs me RM150/RM155 per month..hmm kena cari broadband la pasni.

Tomorrow I'm going to submit all the borang to Jpbsm and if everything is settled, boleh lah masuk kerja this week or next week..What a nerve-racking thang! Help me pretty please..any tips to help me acing my first day and first week/month at work?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wide shawl to let go

I'm letting go these two wide shawl. 
New. Just received it today. Bought online. 
Material: Cotton
Price: RM20 each. 
Postage is RM 6 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM 9 for Sabah & Sarawak.
Buy 2 free postage.
Thank you. :)

Email me at

Monday, August 5, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Tomorrow morning I'm going back to my hometown. My bus is at 9 am. It's 3 am in the morning now and I still haven't slept and I haven't packed my stuff! I hate packing. Will do so after this. Unlike last year Mr B drove me back home all the way from Selangor to Terengganu but this time around he was quite occupied with his work so I take the bus instead. Plus, I don't want to trouble him. Pity him lah hantar I balik  Terengganu then balik Selangor balik. It's not like a stone's throw away. Jauh ok. 

I can't wait to meet my beloved siblings, Didi, Amir and my younger sister, Adik. I miss them so so much! Can't wait to go shopping. I haven't bought my tudung. Haha Didi awal awal warned me not to wear 'tudung langsir' as he calls it. I think he was referring to tudung Fareeda. On another note, I feel a bit sad because I will be apart with Mr B. Haha mengada kan? And I know he feels the same way too. :)

One thing that bothers me most is the fact that I haven't done the work that my supervisor assigned me to do. She asked me to do the coding for the data that we have. And not only that. I even have to do the network for all the coding. Out of 16 data, I only had done 4 of it. I'm so dead. How to do? You tell me. Right now in this particular moment I'm not in the mood for work. It's raya holiday, for God's sake! She can boss me around during my semester holiday I can take that. I told myself repeatedly that this is the sacrifice I made for my masters. I didn't get to balik kampung during my semester holiday because of her. But asking me to do the work during raya holiday? Selfish, that's the right word for it. Padahal last time she promised me I will get 2 weeks holiday for raya. Little did I know 'holiday' here means you-balik-kampung-but-you-still-have-to-do-the-work. Now I'm a dead meat. I don't know when will I be able to do it. I'm home with the people I love whom I haven't met in monthsss and instead of spending time with them you expect me to spend my time in front of the laptop instead?? Selfish, selfish, selfish. There's no way in hell I could do that. She asked me to come back to UPM on 12th August (Monday) but I managed to talk my way out of it and thus I have to come to UPM on 14th instead. Anywho, I refuse to think about that stupid work now. Hopefully I get to find time to do it (which I 100% doubt I could find any). For now I should be delighted that I'm going home tomorrow. I better go pack my stuff now. 

I would like to wish to anyone who is reading my post Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin. To those who are driving back home, drive safe, put on your seat belts and drive below the speed limits. It's better late than never, right? :) I hope everyone will have a great time celebrating raya with your loved ones. Till then. Bye. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New baby

My supervisor has been pestering me to wear shoes everywhere I go. Now that I'm her RA, she would always bring me to attend conference, course, meeting, workshop, teacher's observation and whatnot.While other girls's best-friend are shoes, that is not the case for me. I only have one pair of slipper that I wear on a daily basis. And one selipar jepun for me to go to the bathroom. That's it. I am one simple girl. The same goes to handbag. While other girls have tons of handbags in their collection, I only have one handbag that I've been using since end of 2011. I haven't bought a new one since then. What a cheapskate, huh? 

So yesterday I had to accompany my supervisor to Shah Alam for teacher's observation. Woke up at 6 am (my supervisor woke me up!! duh! I'm just not a morning person), took a quick shower, applied powder, mascara and lip-ice and off I went! While I was walking towards the parking lot, my one and only slipper suddenly decided to turn evil. With no sign whatsoever, the strap of my slipper putus! I don't have any other sandal/shoe/slipper apart from that one. I can't wear my slipper jepun! Then I remembered I haven't throw my old slipper yang dah koyak rabak but in times like this I had no choice but to wear that. Upon seeing my old slipper, my supervisor cringed with laughter and said, "Omg Fitriah, you're embarrassing me! I told you many times to buy shoes". "Haha I know Dr. This is so bad but I don't have other slipper. Or you want me to wear slipper jepun instead??" The thing is, just the night before I told Mr B I wanted to buy shoes. We had set to go and buy it this weekend. Then that morning terus putus, tak sempat pergi beli new shoes. :( What a bad day. 

Nonetheless tonight I bought a new pair of shoes. 

Isn't she lovely?

I was contemplating between this flat shoe or heels. It wasn't really a tough decision for me. I loathe heels, no matter how attractive they are. I just can't walk comfortably in heels. I always find myself envious of those women who looks so pretty walking in heels. I can never be those pretty women. 

Always a flat one for me.

Now I can't wait to flaunt this baby in front of my supervisor! haha.. Hope she approves this!

And then my baby treated me this lovely sandal! Thank you sayang!

A bit tight around the fingers but I love how neat it looks. 

After hunting for shoes in all shoe shops in the mall, we decided to buy them at Sembonia. Other shoe shops are just either too pricey for my pocket or cheap but not to my taste. 

Now I know why I'm not a big fan of shoes. It's difficult to find one that really suits your taste and comfortable on your feet. We spent almost 3 hours looking for shoes, and because all the shops were almost closed, we decided to just pick that. I found one sandal that is sooo comfortable I could sleep in it but costs me a bomb. And the design is just like selipar jepun. No kidding. At least for Rm200++, I expect something pretty la!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The best present

Oh how I miss writing in this blog! I've been abandoning this blog for quite some time because I'm just too lazy to write. Plus, my life is pretty much mundane there's nothing exciting to talk about. 

Anywho, I just turned 25 last Friday! When the clock struck at 12 sharp, my little sister called me and sang a Happy Birthday song to me. And I cried like a little girl lost her barbie. I don't know why it brought me to tears when I heard she sang. Maybe because the gesture she showed, it was very sweet of her. I love you so much adik..:'). Or maybe because it reminded me of my late mom. She used to sing Happy Birthday song when it hit 17 May..
She was dumbfounded when she heard me crying. "Oh are you crying Kak Long? Please don't cry. It's your birthday! You should be happy! And you're getting old!" I laughed at her pun. "I'm not getting old. I'm getting prettier!".

My brother Didie even wished me a day earlier. He said he couldn't wait so he wished me early. Amir texted me on my birthday night and said I am his idol and he misses me so much. I don't really like it when my siblings said I am their inspiration and they want to be like me because I'm such a mess..I have so many flaws. Do not let me start listing them down one by one. It will take hours to finish. That's the best thing about family I guess. Even though we have countless frailties, they still love you nonetheless. 

Btw, I received the best present for my birthday this year! I finally got the long-awaited email from MOHE. They said that my appeal to extend my study leave has been approved. Syukur Alhamdulilah!!! Thank you Allah for granting my wish. Thank you MOHE and UiTM for approving my request. If not, I have to go back to UiTM to teach while at the same struggling to finish my study. Even though there's only three courses left for me to complete my Master, I don't think I can work while at the same time doing project paper. Alhamdulilah I'm so happy with this news! Though I've been informed that I will not be getting any allowance during the extension period,  that's okay. I still have quite a bit of money from my scholarship I hope that would be enough to support me for one semester. No more shopping I guess..hmm..Now I'm waiting for the official letter to arrive. Hurry up! Plus, my supervisor offered me to be her Research Assistant next semester. I'm not sure how much pay I will be getting from the work but I hope it's worth it. 

I have several wishes for my birthday this year. I pray to God that I'll  finish my study on time. I pray that my journey of completing my project paper will go as smooth as silk. My supervisor told me I will collect the data in MRSM Kota Putra which is in BESUT. My God, that is soooo far away!! Last time I told you it's going to be in MRSM Gemencheh, but it had been changed, so Kota Putra it is! I can't help to turn into a green eyed monster when some of my friends are just going to use UPM students as their respondents. How lucky they are! Grrr..I also pray I will get four flat for this and next semester. One last wish is, I pray I will get a Ted one day...

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