Saturday, May 18, 2013

The best present

Oh how I miss writing in this blog! I've been abandoning this blog for quite some time because I'm just too lazy to write. Plus, my life is pretty much mundane there's nothing exciting to talk about. 

Anywho, I just turned 25 last Friday! When the clock struck at 12 sharp, my little sister called me and sang a Happy Birthday song to me. And I cried like a little girl lost her barbie. I don't know why it brought me to tears when I heard she sang. Maybe because the gesture she showed, it was very sweet of her. I love you so much adik..:'). Or maybe because it reminded me of my late mom. She used to sing Happy Birthday song when it hit 17 May..
She was dumbfounded when she heard me crying. "Oh are you crying Kak Long? Please don't cry. It's your birthday! You should be happy! And you're getting old!" I laughed at her pun. "I'm not getting old. I'm getting prettier!".

My brother Didie even wished me a day earlier. He said he couldn't wait so he wished me early. Amir texted me on my birthday night and said I am his idol and he misses me so much. I don't really like it when my siblings said I am their inspiration and they want to be like me because I'm such a mess..I have so many flaws. Do not let me start listing them down one by one. It will take hours to finish. That's the best thing about family I guess. Even though we have countless frailties, they still love you nonetheless. 

Btw, I received the best present for my birthday this year! I finally got the long-awaited email from MOHE. They said that my appeal to extend my study leave has been approved. Syukur Alhamdulilah!!! Thank you Allah for granting my wish. Thank you MOHE and UiTM for approving my request. If not, I have to go back to UiTM to teach while at the same struggling to finish my study. Even though there's only three courses left for me to complete my Master, I don't think I can work while at the same time doing project paper. Alhamdulilah I'm so happy with this news! Though I've been informed that I will not be getting any allowance during the extension period,  that's okay. I still have quite a bit of money from my scholarship I hope that would be enough to support me for one semester. No more shopping I guess..hmm..Now I'm waiting for the official letter to arrive. Hurry up! Plus, my supervisor offered me to be her Research Assistant next semester. I'm not sure how much pay I will be getting from the work but I hope it's worth it. 

I have several wishes for my birthday this year. I pray to God that I'll  finish my study on time. I pray that my journey of completing my project paper will go as smooth as silk. My supervisor told me I will collect the data in MRSM Kota Putra which is in BESUT. My God, that is soooo far away!! Last time I told you it's going to be in MRSM Gemencheh, but it had been changed, so Kota Putra it is! I can't help to turn into a green eyed monster when some of my friends are just going to use UPM students as their respondents. How lucky they are! Grrr..I also pray I will get four flat for this and next semester. One last wish is, I pray I will get a Ted one day...

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