Saturday, March 23, 2013

My new supplement

Lately I've been noticing that my skin has gotten worst. Pimples, black and whiteheads are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. But that alone is not enough for them to ruin my face. So they decided to leave hideous black scars all over it. I don't know what is the main reason behind this breakout, but I say let's blame the assignments and tests!

After spending some time googling, I stumbled into a lot of articles that rave about the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil to women. Convinced by the positive reviews, I got one for myself (or rather two, I bought the Twin Pack). I've been consuming EPO for six months now. However I do not see any significant difference to myself. I'm still having my monthly cramps, pimples would pop up every now and then, I still can't get rid of my ridiculously oily skin (yes, it's that bad) and I still wake up every morning to find my hair all over the pillow. I also shed in the shower and while brushing. But I guess it's normal to shed a few hair. Plus, I have very thick hair that makes it difficult to deal with. Hence losing some won't do any harm. :) I'm also prone to getting huge disgusting pimples before my menses, and unfortunately EPO does not help me in that area too. 

It's pretty weird come to think of it. Why doesn't it work on me, unlike everybody else? Or maybe without my noticing, it actually works. I mean,  if I hadn't taken EPO perhaps my condition would be a lot worst? Nonetheless, I guess I'll just continue consuming until it finishes. 

Anyway these few days upon noticing ugly pimples coming out and happily residing on my skin, I decided to ditch them before it's too late. So I got myself Vitamin C 1000mg today! This time I bought the twin pack as well. It's much cheaper if you buy the twin pack compared to a single bottle. I was bewildered to see there are tons of brands that you can pick from. There are 21st century, BioLife, Kordels, Blackmores and many more! This time I decided to pick the one that contains 1000mg Vitamin C. Last time I tried Vitamin C 500mg and it didn't do as what I had hoped. 

After several minutes of reading all the labels, I was contemplated between choosing BioLife and Blackmores. But it wasn't that hard to make a choice really since Blackmores is cheaper than BioLife. :)

I hope this 1000mg Vitamin C won't let me down!

P/s: Lately I can't help but to notice there are lots of beauty products and supplements that contain gluthathione. They claims gluthathione is a very effective whitening. And being someone who is not fair, I was so tempted to try it! There are basically millions of gluthathione products out there, but the one that caught my attention is AuraWhite. Maybe because they say le pretty Hanez Suraya consumes it too. I was thisssss close to buy it! But after doing some research about it, I came across an article that stated gluthatione supplements are just a marketing ploy to rip us off our money. That is the reason why they asked you to take vitamin c as well while taking glutathione, or not it won't work. It's vitamin c that lighten our skin, not gluthathione. Thank goodness I stumbled into the article! Gluthatione supplements are not cheap, you know!

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mineral oil said...

hi fit. dulu yuyu ambek epo jugak for period pain..but it doesnt work for me. tapi lepas tu yuyu cube virgin coconut oil. alhamdulillah it works for my body!

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