Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My work tonight

Helping my supervisor marking her examination papers for undergrad students. They are 50 of them. Thank God they are only objective. It spells suicide they are in the essay or structure form! Especially with the coming presentations and tests..ain't nobody got time for that!

But still, it demands hard work so as not to mark the answers wrongly (you might accidentally do that, if you don't pay close attention) and miscalculate the marks! So I have to double check everything which equals to marking 100 papers. 

On another note, my project paper is still going nowhere. I already submitted my first draft last 2 or 3 weeks but she hasn't given me any detailed feedback regarding my draft. Will meet her again this Thursday. So far I am meeting her on a weekly basis. Sometimes twice a week. I think that's good and I'm very comfortable with me seeing her on a regular basis because it's very essential to have adequate supervision from our supervisor. 

But one bad news though, I might have to conduct my study and collect data in MRSM Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan!! I checked with google map and discovered it will take me around 2 hours ++ to travel from UPM to the location. Well 2 hours is considered not that long right. But I immediately turned into a green-eyed monster as soon as I found out that my friend will only conduct her study in Putrajaya! It will only take her less than 30 minutes to reach there. How nice! Save time, save money!

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boneng said...

kerja org lain buat, kerja sendiri jgn diabaikan ye

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