Monday, April 22, 2013

Pregnant belly

One of my new year resolution is to exercise (kononnya..). Just like my other resolutions, they go down the drain. Oh well..

Realizing my hideous belly that I swear looks like a pregnant one, I never fail to put some lotion on it and do sit up right before I go to bed every single night. 

But my effort only lasted three days. Then I stopped for no reason except than laziness strikes again. 

Anywho, every day it takes me approximately 15 minutes to walk to my car. Because unfortunately there is no parking lot available for non MPP students like me, so I have to park the car beside the field which is quite far from my college. I thought mehh there's no need to exercise since I've been walking for 30 minutes per day since last year. It should be enough to get me fit and healthy. And I set my Romp jeans as my fat indicator. I've been wearing that jeans for the past 5 years and I'm still wearing it until now. So I figure if I no longer fit into that beloved jeans, then that only means one thing and that is I'm gaining weight. So nahhh since I could still easily squeeze myself in that, I guess there's no need to worry. 

But today out of boredom I took a photo of my belly and my God, it left me speechless. So unattractive..So fat and flabby. I look like three months pregnant. Now I seriously wish I have truckload of money so I can do liposuction. 

I notice that every time I wake up, my belly looks a bit flat but once I drink a glass of water, there it goes. It would suddenly increase into several millimeters.

I told mister I will definitely buy a treadmill one day. That way I don't have to do sit up. He responded, you know treadmill won't make your stomach go flat. You still need to do sit up. Oh man..I hate sit up. It's not fun at all. My only hope now is loosing some, if not all, those nasty fat during the fasting month!


Today I saw a girl cleaning a big bowl of fishes in the toilet. And I was surprised by that rare sight. You see, staying in a hostel, seeing someone cleaning fishes is just like seeing an alien. Unlike those international students who are given 3-bedroom apartments with kitchen in it, we the local students are only given a small room just enough to accommodate a single bed, one study table and one closet that barely fits all my clothes.  

Anyway, she must have a fridge in her room to store that fishes, right?. Hmm how nice to have a fridge in the room..she could eat ice cream anytime she wishes..Or drink ice cold water in the middle of the night..

But how did she cook the fishes? Don't we need gas to cook? Okay maybe she uses electric pan. But from my experience, electric pan is such a pain in the neck. It's not very practical to use electric pan especially to cook fish/chicken in it! It takes ages to heat up and most of the food will be glued at the bottom of the pan. It took me 20 minutes just to make scrambled eggs. -_-. I ended up using the electric pan for soup only. Or maybe she owns an electric hob in her room. Hmm..

Now the whole toilet smells like fish...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nom Nom Nom

This evening as I walked past the parking lot beside the cafe I noticed there were several food stalls opened along the lot. There were also some booths that sell clothes and tudungs. Usually I would rush into those booths in no time! I would be so delighted by the sight of those pretty clothes and variety types of the displayed tudungs, even if I didn't buy any. It's a kind of therapy for me. Just feasting my eyes with those gorgeous dresses is enough to get me an adrenalin rush. Now who needs exercise? ;p

Anywho, that did not happen today. 

Ignoring those booths who were once the apple of my eye, I walked straight towards the stalls that have foods!

They have various kinds of food that you could possible ask for. I was literally salivating over those beautiful entities in front of me. Laksa penang, char kue teow, fruit juice, takoyaki, pizza, keropok lekor, steamboat food and many more. I ended up with small pizza with chicken topping, a plastic full with keropok lekor, coconut milkshake, and mee hoon tom yam ayam. And I bought another three chocolate bread in case I get hungry in the middle of the night. And.......I finished all of them! Well except the bread it's not past midnight yet. But I even had a bite on a couple of chocolate biscuits just now. Omg..that's just unbelievable.. I eat freaking a lot!!!

My pizza. It tasted surprisingly good!

I forgot to take pictures of the other food for my dinner tonight. Now come to think of it, I find myself feeling slightly guilty. I eat a lot like there's no tomorrow, enjoying delicious food all the time, whereas in another part of the world, people are starving..I think I have reevaluate my life at this point. Cooking is not an option since I'm staying at the college. Maybe I should only spend less than Rm10 per day for food. That way I won't be spending way too much money on food.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mr. Extremely Strict

Tonight I was late for my date with mister and accidentally made him waited for 10 minutes. I was just done with my shower when I received a call from him saying that he's already here. Oh damn it. As fast as lightning, I grabbed my jeans, blouse and cardigan, dabbed a little bit of powder on my face, wrapped my head with my pink scarf without combing my hair! and then ran as fast as I could towards the parking lot while smooching some strawberry lipice to my lips. 

I was praying hard he won't get mad. The first thing I did was apologizing to him for my lateness and planted a big smile across my face. Upon seeing my beautiful smile (heee), he gave in but demanded that I should treat him to dinner to compensate my tardiness, in none other than his beloved Wang Solo. Pheww thank God. Or else the night might be ruined just because of the 10 minutes late. Yes, he is a very punctual man (one of the many qualities that I dig in him) and despises people who late. I am too in the same boat with him, but sometimes due to unexpected turn of events it can't be helped but to run late. Those unexpected turn of events usually include overslept, spending too long in the shower, ironing my clothes and scarf and applying some bb cream. 

Anyway, so the night had not been ruined...just perfect!...or so I thought. We were on our way to go catch a late night movie when he abruptly asked my progress with project paper. Without thinking twice, I told him the truth and blurted out 'chapter 1'. Little did I know that my honesty would kill me...

He then spent a good 20 minutes or so nagging me. 

How I wish I had lied to him earlier then I wouldn't be sitting through this mental torture. 

But deep down I know he is right. 

Thank you my love. If it not because of your scolding, I would be still living in a wonderland. 

My God, it's April now!!! *panic mode*

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