Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not a crafty person

Spent hours googling some tutorials on how to make a homemade birthday card to our loved ones. I thought it will be more thoughtful and meaningful if I opt for homemade card instead of picking out one at the store. Plus, I could show him the creative side of me that he would never imagine. Haha..but my pursuit apparently was to no avail. 

Sure there are tons of brilliant ideas that catch my attention. But it took me so looooong to find the one that is so easy and simple to make. Even the easiest tutorial on the net is still complicated for me! Gosh, I'm so hopeless. Lack of identity as a crafty person makes it impossible for me to do this. Blame the genes! 

Guess I'll have to resort to picking out one at the store. Though it doesn't have any personal touch on it, it is definitely more convenient than cracking my head on how to make one. haha..

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