Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can't get enough

Too engrossed with his food. 

Set Ayam Penyet. Yummy! But too spicy. 

Now that he's discovered Wang Solo has its' own franchise in Bangi, there's no other place he wants to go except Wang Solo. I feel like he could eat this to infinity. Been there twice this week!

"It would be great if Wang Solo offers a delivery service!", he claimed. 

Thank God, they don't. If not, he would definitely consume them every single day. 

But come to think of it, I think it is pretty easy to prepare this dish. All you have to do is fry tempe, tauhu and chicken. Then prepare the sambal pedas and sambal terung. Oh yes, don't forget to fry his beloved emping too. It's not that big a deal. "I can cook this! Easy peasy meh..."I once told him. He simply smirked at my self proclaimed expert at cooking.  Haha okay maybe the end result may not be as scrumptious and mouth watering as the original, but I seriously think they are easy to make!

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