Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marina Diamandis

The latest single from my crush Marina. And.......I'm hooked! Been listening to it all day long.  
Though the song contains a large proportion of repeated phrase, I still love it anyway. :)

Btw, as always Marina looks absolutely stunning in the video. The dark red wedding dress that she's wearing is beyond beautiful. I want her face and her perfect hourglass body!!

All this while I thought I am the only girl who's crazily in love with Marina. Turn out, after doing some googling, I found lots of websites that are created especially to Marina. Come to my surprise, I stumbled into  a website named "The We Love Marina Diamandis' Eyebrows Club" and there are tons of Marina's eyebrows photos in the website. Haha..I couldn't even imagine they are basically obsessed with Marina's eyebrows. :D

As expected, I also came across a website dedicated to Marina's bosom. They claimed the existence of the website is not to degrade Marina or objectified her. It's simply to admire the natural art of her truly fantastic bust. I hope there are only girls in the website!

As her fan, I really wish Marina wouldn't use her body as an asset in her career. Plus, with her face and amazing voice that she owns and amazing ability to write her own songs, she clearly doesn't need to do such thing. And I actually believe she wouldn't do that. Eceh..Nonetheless, I still love her, big or small cup. Just don't stop doing what you're doing now, making music that is pleasant to my ears. 

P/s: Sometimes I can't helped but to wonder why she isn't as famous as Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and whatnot. Her vocal is 100% better than those singers. Yes, I listened to her live performance. 

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