Monday, April 22, 2013


Today I saw a girl cleaning a big bowl of fishes in the toilet. And I was surprised by that rare sight. You see, staying in a hostel, seeing someone cleaning fishes is just like seeing an alien. Unlike those international students who are given 3-bedroom apartments with kitchen in it, we the local students are only given a small room just enough to accommodate a single bed, one study table and one closet that barely fits all my clothes.  

Anyway, she must have a fridge in her room to store that fishes, right?. Hmm how nice to have a fridge in the room..she could eat ice cream anytime she wishes..Or drink ice cold water in the middle of the night..

But how did she cook the fishes? Don't we need gas to cook? Okay maybe she uses electric pan. But from my experience, electric pan is such a pain in the neck. It's not very practical to use electric pan especially to cook fish/chicken in it! It takes ages to heat up and most of the food will be glued at the bottom of the pan. It took me 20 minutes just to make scrambled eggs. -_-. I ended up using the electric pan for soup only. Or maybe she owns an electric hob in her room. Hmm..

Now the whole toilet smells like fish...

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