Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mr. Extremely Strict

Tonight I was late for my date with mister and accidentally made him waited for 10 minutes. I was just done with my shower when I received a call from him saying that he's already here. Oh damn it. As fast as lightning, I grabbed my jeans, blouse and cardigan, dabbed a little bit of powder on my face, wrapped my head with my pink scarf without combing my hair! and then ran as fast as I could towards the parking lot while smooching some strawberry lipice to my lips. 

I was praying hard he won't get mad. The first thing I did was apologizing to him for my lateness and planted a big smile across my face. Upon seeing my beautiful smile (heee), he gave in but demanded that I should treat him to dinner to compensate my tardiness, in none other than his beloved Wang Solo. Pheww thank God. Or else the night might be ruined just because of the 10 minutes late. Yes, he is a very punctual man (one of the many qualities that I dig in him) and despises people who late. I am too in the same boat with him, but sometimes due to unexpected turn of events it can't be helped but to run late. Those unexpected turn of events usually include overslept, spending too long in the shower, ironing my clothes and scarf and applying some bb cream. 

Anyway, so the night had not been ruined...just perfect!...or so I thought. We were on our way to go catch a late night movie when he abruptly asked my progress with project paper. Without thinking twice, I told him the truth and blurted out 'chapter 1'. Little did I know that my honesty would kill me...

He then spent a good 20 minutes or so nagging me. 

How I wish I had lied to him earlier then I wouldn't be sitting through this mental torture. 

But deep down I know he is right. 

Thank you my love. If it not because of your scolding, I would be still living in a wonderland. 

My God, it's April now!!! *panic mode*

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