Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dinner Date

Curriculum theory class finished at 6 pm today. Checked my phone but there was no text from mister. *Sigh* I was secretly hoping he would ask me out since he was off work today, but of course I didn't tell him that. Then I texted him, "kelas dah habis". To my dismay he simply replied "bagus". Ok fine, I thought. I'll try again in a few minutes. Not long after that, I typed "Otw ke cafe. Yang makan ape mlm ni?" and hit the send button. "Nak makan ape malam ni?, he plainly asked. At this point I already pulled a face and just replied him "Tak tau lagi". In a split second a new text came into my sight saying "Jom makan kat luar nak tak?" Heeeeee I think I was smiling from ear to ear. :) 

So off we went to Sunway Pyramid. After considering several places to have our dinner, we decided to eat at Kenny Rogers. I think the last time we went there was 3 years ago. Yes, we rarely go to expensive and high end eateries. Apparently we are much comfortable going to the usual kedai makan like Wang Solo. hihi. We ordered roasted chicken with original sauce. Oh dear..Sedapnyaaaa..

Oh prior to that, before the heaven roasted chicken arrived, mister told me he missed a call from Ibu and needed to call her back. Okay with me. But it was starting to get on my nerves when he took 20 minutes speaking on the phone. I don't wanna sound like some jealous woman but I knew for a fact that he never spend that long on the phone with her mom. Trying to look cool, I asked him what took him so long upon his return. But it only took nano second for me to start behaving like a mad woman. 

"Who did you actually call?"
"You didn't really call your mom, did you?"
"You were on the phone with some other girl, did you?"
"What is her name?" 

Haha..I say blame the hormone! My questions were left unanswered and I somehow forgot that I was mad once I tasted the freshly roasted chicken in my mouth. It was insanely delicious! Yum! Once we're done with our dinner, mister suddenly handed me a white box with a little pink card on it, tied in a ribbon. Oh my..I didn't know how to describe my feeling at that moment. I was genuinely shocked with the surprise. I never expect he would do such thing simply because he never surprised me before and he did mentioned he's not the type of guy who know how to surprise woman. So those 20 minutes he claimed speaking on the phone with Ibu was actually he going to Pandora to buy me a bracelet charms. :)

I love it love it so much! There are only four charms so far..will slowly complete the bracelet later on..It may take yearssss for me to complete it since the charm is soooo expensive! Maybe I'd buy the charm once in a blue moon..

Thank you so much sayang. I really like it! Sampai sayang pulak nak pakai. :D

The latest spring collection from Pandora. So pretty!!

Look at those sparkly hearts! They're beautiful! Pink heart would be my next purchase. 

I want mine to be crafted pretty much like this! since I'm a big fan of pink..

Sian dia kena scold with me. Hee 

I'm one happy woman!

Sempat snapped a photo of me right before going to the class and sent it to mister. Haha..Oh I love how 360 camera makes me looks so flawless! Hahaha..I don't know why but I found  it so funny maybe because in reality I'm sure as hell as do not look as fair and have crystal clear skin as in the picture portrays. :D

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