Sunday, June 16, 2013

New baby

My supervisor has been pestering me to wear shoes everywhere I go. Now that I'm her RA, she would always bring me to attend conference, course, meeting, workshop, teacher's observation and whatnot.While other girls's best-friend are shoes, that is not the case for me. I only have one pair of slipper that I wear on a daily basis. And one selipar jepun for me to go to the bathroom. That's it. I am one simple girl. The same goes to handbag. While other girls have tons of handbags in their collection, I only have one handbag that I've been using since end of 2011. I haven't bought a new one since then. What a cheapskate, huh? 

So yesterday I had to accompany my supervisor to Shah Alam for teacher's observation. Woke up at 6 am (my supervisor woke me up!! duh! I'm just not a morning person), took a quick shower, applied powder, mascara and lip-ice and off I went! While I was walking towards the parking lot, my one and only slipper suddenly decided to turn evil. With no sign whatsoever, the strap of my slipper putus! I don't have any other sandal/shoe/slipper apart from that one. I can't wear my slipper jepun! Then I remembered I haven't throw my old slipper yang dah koyak rabak but in times like this I had no choice but to wear that. Upon seeing my old slipper, my supervisor cringed with laughter and said, "Omg Fitriah, you're embarrassing me! I told you many times to buy shoes". "Haha I know Dr. This is so bad but I don't have other slipper. Or you want me to wear slipper jepun instead??" The thing is, just the night before I told Mr B I wanted to buy shoes. We had set to go and buy it this weekend. Then that morning terus putus, tak sempat pergi beli new shoes. :( What a bad day. 

Nonetheless tonight I bought a new pair of shoes. 

Isn't she lovely?

I was contemplating between this flat shoe or heels. It wasn't really a tough decision for me. I loathe heels, no matter how attractive they are. I just can't walk comfortably in heels. I always find myself envious of those women who looks so pretty walking in heels. I can never be those pretty women. 

Always a flat one for me.

Now I can't wait to flaunt this baby in front of my supervisor! haha.. Hope she approves this!

And then my baby treated me this lovely sandal! Thank you sayang!

A bit tight around the fingers but I love how neat it looks. 

After hunting for shoes in all shoe shops in the mall, we decided to buy them at Sembonia. Other shoe shops are just either too pricey for my pocket or cheap but not to my taste. 

Now I know why I'm not a big fan of shoes. It's difficult to find one that really suits your taste and comfortable on your feet. We spent almost 3 hours looking for shoes, and because all the shops were almost closed, we decided to just pick that. I found one sandal that is sooo comfortable I could sleep in it but costs me a bomb. And the design is just like selipar jepun. No kidding. At least for Rm200++, I expect something pretty la!

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