Sunday, May 11, 2014

Entering new phase

Assalamualaikum..hi! It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Not because I'm super busy. It's just that I'm super malas...hehe..So what's new with my life?

I've finally received the long-awaited letter which is offer letter from UiTM. Yeay! Syukur Alhamdulilah..If only I could share this good news with my mom..

As I expected, I've been placed (is this the correct word??) in UiTM Shah Alam seksyen 17. My faculty dulu..tak tahu nak rasa ape..gembira but feeling superrrrrrrrrrrr anxious, nervous, and intimidated! be working with my lecturers dulu..takutnyaa..takde geng pulak tu. Moga Allah permudahkan..Amin.

Anyway, tonight is the last night I'm in UPM. Lepas ni, I'm going to pack everything up and tomorrow morning pindah Shah Alam. Oh ya, I found a rent house in seksyen 17. I think it costs me a bomb laa with it's size. Barulah rasa wahh seronoknye duduk UPM selama ni. Bilik besar, free wifi (utmost importance!) with high speed, cafe dekat..and only costs me RM150/RM155 per month..hmm kena cari broadband la pasni.

Tomorrow I'm going to submit all the borang to Jpbsm and if everything is settled, boleh lah masuk kerja this week or next week..What a nerve-racking thang! Help me pretty please..any tips to help me acing my first day and first week/month at work?

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