Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello student's life

Goodbye to sleepless nights of watching movies..
Goodbye to endless sleep..
Goodbye to waking up late..
Goodbye to having fun and partying all day..

Ok. That one is obviously a lie. I don't party. :D

I'm not ready to go back to school tomorrow!
I'm not ready to meet my supervisor!
Last time I made a promise to myself that I will enjoy my holiday for one week then I'll start working on my project paper. Apparently it is easier said than done. This one month of semester break I did nothing except sleeping, watching movies, eating, and the routines continued everyday..totally unproductive, I would say. But I'm not yet ready to bid farewell to those unproductive days. It's hard to believe it's already been one month. How times flies! Meeting my supervisor has been put on hold for too long, now I'm scared to meet her. I'm a dead meat! I really really hate this feeling.

Class is gonna start tomorrow and mister asked me to do some reading to be fully prepared for the class. And.....I haven't! Been too occupied with online shopping..They are just too many I can go crazy! I can't stop browsing the beautiful clothes, dresses, shawls, skirts..Sometimes I thought to myself, is it normal to be spending hourssss just browsing through the online retails. Luckily for me I guess I still have a small amount of self restraint in my vein so sometimes I could fight those urges and cravings to own them. Therefore looking at those beautiful clothes won't do any harm to me (or my purse, to be specific). 

Nonetheless, I must admit my brain has gotten a bit rusty since I've abandoned any reading materials once the holidays started. Oh wait..I do read. In fact, I read everyday. Facebook, blogs, gossip websites, they are considered as reading materials also! No worries. the class starts at 6 pm, I still have plenty of time to catch up! 

Dear semester three, please pretty please with sugar, and whipped cream and nuts and banana split and cherry on top 
be kind to me. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

No ugly woman

"There are no ugly woman, only lazy ones"
~Helena Rubinstein

I stumbled upon this quote when I was browsing through some posts on tumblr. And I love it! It's true, isn't it?

In my case, every morning I would spend almost one hour just to get ready. After my 30 minutes bath (Yes, I'm one of the weird and annoying people who spend a lot in the shower. (I say it is weird coz very few people I know share the same habit as mine and it is annoying coz my siblings are annoyed with me taking a lot of time in the shower.)

I have to wash my face, put some toner on, dab a little bit of sun block (sometimes), then apply some bb cream, baby powder and put on a layer of compact powder as a finishing touch. Then I will also add on some mascara (mascara is my best friend! I absolutely can't live without it!) and lastly I will smooch some lip ice to my pale lips. 

You see all this routine takes up a lot of my time in the morning. Therefore I'm fascinated by women who are not only do the same routine as mine, but also add on primers, foundation, blusher, concealer, eye shadow, mineral veil, eye liner, eye cream, and whatnot everyday! Just wow..they must be spending at least two hours in front of the mirror..

I wish I can just go out with my bare naked face but I can't. I just can't afford that. In the event of emergency where I have to rush and there's no time to spend in front of the mirror, or when I just need to go to the cafe, I will at least put my powder on. Yeah, I guess I'm insecure that way. Forgive me for I'm not blessed with naturally smooth and clear face. 

But my routine for the night only includes cleansing, tonering and applying some bedak sejuk. Yes, I'm a huge fan of bedak sejuk! I've been very loyal towards it, been using it since I was in secondary school. Even though bedak sejuk is not helping me achieve crystal clear skin like claimed by SK2, it sure does help me  in controlling my unbelievably super oily skin. Pimples do come out once in a blue moon, but to this very moment, it's not serious. 

I have yet pampering myself with mask routine like some woman do. I heard and read a lot of amazing things mask can do to your skin. There are various kind of mask you can try on. What specifically caught my eyes was homemade and natural masks like using yogurt, oatmeal, egg white, apple slices and many more that require less money and whats more, they are totally organic, free from any harmful chemicals and thus safe for our skin. So far, I've tried oatmeal. Not as a mask, but as a facial cleanser. Instead of putting them on my face as a mask, I wash my face by scrubbing them on. But I rarely do this. Only when miss rajin hits me. I'm too lazy to make it a habit. Wait until my skin get sagging and all...then it will be too late, fit!

With all that make up (cream, foundation, powder, blusher, etc), skin care, body lotion, facial treatment, hair getting done and coloured, fabulous outfits, branded designer handbags, colourful shawls, contact lenses, trendy high heels, supplements, vitamins, collagen, an all that stuff that women need in order to be and feel beautiful surely demand truckloads of money too! 

P/s: No, I'm never getting my hair done nor do I wear designer handbags and clothes, and high heels. It's a general statement. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy birthday boneng! 

May God blesses you with all that your heart desires. 

I guess words cannot be enough to tell you what you are to me. Thank you for loving me the way you do. May our love stay strong and last forever! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not a crafty person

Spent hours googling some tutorials on how to make a homemade birthday card to our loved ones. I thought it will be more thoughtful and meaningful if I opt for homemade card instead of picking out one at the store. Plus, I could show him the creative side of me that he would never imagine. Haha..but my pursuit apparently was to no avail. 

Sure there are tons of brilliant ideas that catch my attention. But it took me so looooong to find the one that is so easy and simple to make. Even the easiest tutorial on the net is still complicated for me! Gosh, I'm so hopeless. Lack of identity as a crafty person makes it impossible for me to do this. Blame the genes! 

Guess I'll have to resort to picking out one at the store. Though it doesn't have any personal touch on it, it is definitely more convenient than cracking my head on how to make one. haha..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In a dilemma

When I went to Ipoh last time, Ibu and I had our little girl talk. Ibu voiced out her desire to meet my parents and to further discuss about my relationship with mister. Since we have been dating for quite a while hence Ibu thinks it's high time we finally tie the knot. She acknowledges the fact that I'm still studying and thus want to 'hantar tanda' first. I also would like to finish my masters first and maybe work for like a year or two before settling down. Although in all honesty, seeing my friends get married and have babies, I feel like getting married in an instant too! And it surely doesn't help when some of them constantly updating their facebook status about how wonderful their life after marriage is. And look at those cute little babies! So adorable I wanna chew them! 

I found myself all bubbly inside when Ibu said that and I swear I could feel my cheeks were turning red and hot. I tried to hide my bright smile and tried to act cool as possible as I can. haha..Ibu asked me to inform my parents about her wish and I nodded. Although at that particular moment my head was already spinning like crazy trying to figure out how am I going to spill it out to my parents. 

When I went back home, I didn't tell my parents about it at all. How am I going to tell them? Me and my father we barely even talk. How am I going to tell him something as important as this? Should I go to my step mom instead? She never even ask me about myself, which also made it difficult to start the conversation. I thought maybe I could let them know some other time. Plus, it's not like Ibu wants to meet my parents soon. I remember vividly that she mentioned she would like to see them at the end of this year. So I told myself fret not. I still have more time to surprise them. 

But today I received a news that makes me hyperventilate. Mister received a call from Ibu and she asked him whether she could meet my parents next month. NEXT MONTH! IN MARCH! I know I should be joyful upon hearing it. I am, actually. But what makes me a nervous wreck is the fact that I haven't tell my parents about it. Whats worse is that they don't have any idea about my several years of courstship with mister. Not a single clue. How lah?? 

Now I really wish my mom is still here. If my mom is here, I won't have to face this much difficulty just to inform my dad and step mom about this matter. I would be more than happy to let my mom know about this.  

Even though we are not exactly on speaking terms, I'm sure my father cares about me. It's just that I don't know how to strike the conversation with him. 

To mister, I hope you will understand the reason why I haven't tell my parents about us and also about your parents wanting to meet mine. Perhaps you will find it hard to comprehend the thing I face, what I went through with my parents since no one really knows what it's like to walk in other's shoes. It's easier to simply ask me to 'just tell them', but for me it's like asking me to swallow a bomb. It hurts me big time when you easily accused me of not wanting this to happen. Please for once put yourself in my place and try to understand my situation with my parents. In the mean time, I promise I will let my father knows about your parents' intention.

Love you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can't get enough

Too engrossed with his food. 

Set Ayam Penyet. Yummy! But too spicy. 

Now that he's discovered Wang Solo has its' own franchise in Bangi, there's no other place he wants to go except Wang Solo. I feel like he could eat this to infinity. Been there twice this week!

"It would be great if Wang Solo offers a delivery service!", he claimed. 

Thank God, they don't. If not, he would definitely consume them every single day. 

But come to think of it, I think it is pretty easy to prepare this dish. All you have to do is fry tempe, tauhu and chicken. Then prepare the sambal pedas and sambal terung. Oh yes, don't forget to fry his beloved emping too. It's not that big a deal. "I can cook this! Easy peasy meh..."I once told him. He simply smirked at my self proclaimed expert at cooking.  Haha okay maybe the end result may not be as scrumptious and mouth watering as the original, but I seriously think they are easy to make!


Went out with mister couple of days ago. While shopping, I told him I needed to go the ladies. He offered to accompany me. I insisted that he should continue shopping and assured him that I'll join him after I'm done. But he, being the most hard headed person in the planet, kept on wanting to tag along to the loo. To the loo. I convinced him that it will only take less than 5 minutes so he should just stay. Gosh, he won't listen to me. Paranoid that I will get kidnap or rape...in the mall. Nonetheless, after 20 minutes of persuading session, he finally reluctantly let me went to the ladies alone. Fuih! Weird. He's normally not that clingy..

Once I'm done with my 'thing', I quickly went to get him. A big smile pasted across his face, revealing his pearly white teeth. He looked at me with bright sparkling eyes. "Whats up?", I questioned him, trying to act cool. He then struck me with tons of  inquiries which clearly illustrated his doubt towards me going to the loo. Where have you been? You're not going to the loo right? What took you so long? You lied to me, didn't you? Tell me truth, will you? He even pretended to borrow my money to see how much I got in my purse coz he knew earlier I just withdrew some amount of money thus he wanted to see how much it left..Haha nice try, mister! But I'm not that naive to be fooled by you. :) Obviously he suspected me of going somewhere else instead of the washroom. To buy him a gift for his upcoming birthday. He was so thrilled, I couldn't bear to burst his bubble. But I had to! I told him he was wrong and he shouldn't be too hopeful as it made me feel guilty. 

But then all day long he kept looking at me with big grin on his face. He was as happy as a clam at high tide, not knowing whether he's right or wrong. And he was being super nice, helping me carried my handbag while we shopped. But I knew very well his real intention of doing that, so he could secretly took a peep what's inside my handbag. Haha..funny..

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Restoran Ayam Penyet AP, Kuantan.
Three creatures that I love so much. 

The food there was not as delicious as I thought it would be. Quite frustrated since I heard a lot of rave about this franchise.
Promise them to bring them to Wang Solo if they ever been to Selangor. 
But come to think of it, I bet they wouldn't be able to bear the spiciness! 
It is too hot and spicy even for someone who likes spicy food, like me. 
But love the food, nonetheless. 
*Secretly hoping they would reduce the spiciness*

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