Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hai! Assalamualaikum!

I just got home from spending the day with mister. In the morning we went to Eon Glen Marie in Shah Alam for Snowie's fourth service. Arrived there at 9 am in the morning and only settle everything around 1 pm . Oh my..I'm so dissapointed with Proton Service Centre. I've been to Perodua Service Centre before and it's totally the opposite of Proton Service Centre. Perodua SC is very spacious, has comfortable couches for seriously lazy lounging with huge telly on the wall and what I love most is they also provide you with free food and drink! I remembered last time I went there I was the only one who kept going back and forth from my seat to the food counter to top up my kuih. Haha Yeah..I was that tak malu when it comes to eating. :') And the service was also very efficient and fast. So back about today's experience. We basically waited for 4 freaking hours doing nothing. Proton's service took forever to settle my car. To add to my to frustration,  there was only few customers around. Silly me. I forgot to bring my book. So there I was looking like I was the most free person on earth. This is where technology comes in handy.I then resorted to chatting with my dearest little sister. I'm glad within that few hours I could create some quality time with my sister. :) Oh, they also promised to give me free gifts (shampoo and wax) but they didn't! -_-

Anyway, upon settling everything at the service center, off we went to the post office to retrieve my items that had arrived last week.

This is the item. Woolen Bow Top. Such a cutie, right? I love this to bits! Swapped this with a girl from FF website who is interested with my Cotton On Pink Top. Unfortunately I couldn't fit into this.. I'm no longer a s or m girl..I'm an xl girl now..:(
So now I would like to let this baby go to anyone out there who is interested in it. Here is the detail:
Name: Woolen Bow Top
Brand: R.J Story
Size: S/M
Material: 65% cotton, 35% polyester
Condition: Very good
Price: Rm27 including postage!
Status: Sold! 

This is the second item. I super looooove this Kimono Blouse. Maybe because of the flowery motive. I'm always a huge fan of flowery design. :) It's from Esprit. Swapped this with a girl who is interested with my Bohemian Skirt. Again, it's a bit tight on me. :( 
So reluctantly I decided to let this baby go to anyone out there who is interested in it. Here is the detail:
Name: Kimono Blouse
Brand: Esprit
Size: S/M
Material: 100% polyester
Condition: Very Good
Price: Rm 35 including postage!

If anyone is interested with any of the 2 items above (or both of them hehe) you can email me at nurulfitriah_88@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Oh on another note, Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 brings us joy, happiness, health, wealth and barakah! Lets be a better person from yesterday. Amin. Omg I have sooo many things on my mind right now for my new year's resolutions! One of them is to exercise! Lets ditch those ugly fats! But on top of that, I wish to be persistent. Without persistent, those flat tummy, single chin, slim legs that I yearn so much will just be a mere fantasy for me.  Hmm..I miss the old me who loves exercising. Where has she gone to? I need her back. 

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