Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gift hunting

I want to get something for Ibu. I know I won't be able to pay the flood of goodness and kindness she bestows to me. Not in a million years. Being treated like her own flesh and blood is a bliss. I couldn't ask for more. Syukur Ya Allah for that. So ade rezeki lebih, I want to give her something that could make her happy even for just one split second. 

So I went hunting for the suitable gift since yesterday and today. I've been cracking up my brain thinking what should I get her. A sandal or shoe is not a very good idea since I'm not too sure of her size, so what if they do not fit her well? Or what if they are not comfortable? Or not fancy to her eyes? A handbag would be a great idea, if mister had not bought it last year. Skincare? I don't think Ibu is very keen towards beauty products.So after some brainstorming, I've decided to search for a nice and lovely jubah for Ibu.

So off we went to Plaza Alam Sentral yesterday. Luckily mister had his day off so he could accompany me searching for the gift. Plus, I need his opinion. I thought he must know what's best for his mom. He must know her taste in cloth. Turned out, he was sooooo clueless and helpless! He would say yes to literally everything I showed him. And when I asked him, which one is nicer? He would respond, "both". -_- Oh man...boys will always be boys, eyh?

We stopped at Wang Solo to have our dinner first. This was our second times at Wang Solo. Ever since our first visit, we were hooked! We were totally addicted to the food and we found ourselves constantly talking about how delicious the food were. Omg love the food to bits! The food is simply heavenly scrumptious and mouth-watering. It is also spicy, just the way I like it. It's like the food in Wang Solo comes second after our mother's cook. Yeah, I think that's the closest metaphor to describe the food. Hehe..But everyone has different tastes, so perhaps others might not have the same opinion as mine. 

The display menus on the wall.

We ordered 2 Sets of Ayam Penyet, Emping (mister's favourite!), Fried Chicken Wing, Mango and Watermelon Juice (not in the photo). The Juices were also spectacular. Yummy!

Mister told me this is actually a Javanese cuisine. Mister has a splash of Javanese genes in his blood so that's explain his fondness of the food. But me? I once told him that my grandmother is actually originated from Minang, Indonesia. So he made fun of me, saying that I enjoy the food because I'm an Indonesian. Mean..I pulled a sulky face, and emphasized the fact that I'm a Malaysian, not Indonesian. Born and bred in Malaysia. He quickly apologized, haha tau takut!

Nevertheless, for those who hasn't tried the food in Wang Solo, you should give it a try. Totally worth every penny. But I couldn't speak for all the menus provided there since so far I only had tried the Ayam Penyet Set, Fried Chicken Wing and squid covered with flour. (hehe is that translation accurate?). 

I couldn't find any lovely jubah in PAS. Of course there are quite a number of shops that sell jubah, but nothing caught my eyes. I wasn't looking for something that is too flashy nor dazzling. It has to be pleasant to the eyes and the pocket too. I also found shops that sell just a regular jubah with no beading whatsoever and with poor material (very sheer) at ridiculously high price! 

So today we went to PKNS and Warta in Bangi in the pursuit of Ibu's gift. The good news is I finally found a very lovely and stunning jubah that I'm sure Ibu will love it so much. It is very pretty, with baby blue and soft pink beads along the sleeves and front. I love the material too. It is made from a silky soft material but it won't crumpled and it is not sheer at all. It is perfect. I feel in love with it at the very first sight. Mister love it too. :)

I asked him to call Ibu to confirm the size. It would be such a waste if it is too small for Ibu. I don't mind if it is slightly bigger as Ibu could send it to the tailor. And then here comes the bad news..

Ibu don't want us to be spending money to buy her gift. She asked me to keep the money. This one I could totally ignore. I don't mind spending some money to buy her something. I want to. Plus, bukan selalu..

And then Ibu said she rarely wears jubah as she is not fond of jubah. If I buy her a jubah, there's a chance that she might not be wearing it.. :( After some discussion with mister, I decided to buy her a baju kurung. Went hunting for baju kurung but unfortunately nothing caught my eyes..I thought maybe I can just buy her the jubah that I love so much, but if she won't wear it, what's the use right. 

Mister asked me to just forget my intention and stop thinking about it. Plus, Ibu herself don't want me to be spending money on her. I told him no. I've already decided that I'm going to give her something. So I will. 

Another good news is, upon writing this entry another idea popped into my mind. What about perfume? Sounds brilliant eyh? Why haven't I thought about it before? I'm not sure if Ibu is wearing any, I hope she does. I texted mister just now and told him about my new idea and he simply replied "like". Hehe..He is already sleeping. I bet he replied the text unconsciously.

So, do you have any idea what is the best perfume for a woman? I don't have a slightest clue because I'm not wearing any. Since the Police perfume that mister bought for me had finished, I don't bother to get a new one. Yeah..unlike other girls, I don't regard perfume as one of my necessities. Is that weird? But I heard Britney Spears's Midnight Fantasy is nice. Need to do some googling now. Till then!

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Anonymous said...

i used BSMF. BSMF has a very soft and sweet smell. Softer than vanilla. Both choices are best for mom i think. If u wanna try something fresh, perhaps u can buy "green apple". but that would be rather suitable for u instead of ur ibu. btw, happy hunting! :)

Fitriah said...

Thank you dear. Ya I heard a lot of positive reviews of BSMF. There are tons of perfume out there, it's pretty hard to make a choice. The thing about buying perfume for someone else is, you have to carefully think and choose wisely coz of the likelihood that she won't like the smell. Thank you again for the review darl! :)

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