Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm worried

This semester is going to end very soooon..I only have two more final papers and then I'll be as free as the flying bird on the blue sky! I can't wait to it to happen! Gonna indulged myself in endless movies and novels..That's the dream! Who cares about topic for research proposal? Who cares about finding research supervisor? Who cares about writing the proposal? Okay fine. Maybe I'll pamper myself for one week then  I'll start thinking of my research proposal..

After I got back with mister, visiting his family in Ipoh has been our tradition ever since. So just like last semester, this semester break mister had already asked me to join him balik kampung again. When he asked me, I was like yeah! But deep down I felt hesitate and reluctant to go..Oh no, don't get me wrong. It's not that I loathe his family or what. His family is wonderful! They are the nicest people I have ever met! I love them to bits! But I can't help but to feel shy, you know? Because of my culinary incompetence!  That's the reason why. It's not that I can't cook at all. Of course I know how to prepare simple dishes like masak sambal  tumis, nasi goreng, kuah singgang..hehe. Haven't mastered exciting and top-quality food that is more complicated and time-consuming to cook. But I will, InsyaAllah. That is one of my goal before getting married. So you see the problem now, I'm not so much domestic goddess as kitchen cretin. 

When I went to his hometown last time, I would woke up very early to help her mother prepared breakfast and after that proceeded with lunch at noon. But I knew her mother could tell very well that I was incapable in cooking. I knew she could tell I was a stranger in the kitchen. So I can't help but to fell a wee bit shy..I feel bothered by this. 

I even have this silly imagination on my mind that her mother would be worried sick if I were to get married to his son. Probably worrying what his son is eating right now..or has he had his meal for that day? Fretting his son doesn't get sufficient nutrient from balanced and healthy diet..or worried that he might even starve to death..

I voiced out my concern to mister. "When we got married later, what if Ibu is worried what did I cook for you? Am I a good cook? I bet she would ask that. I bet she would call you just to ask what are you having that day" And his response? "Don't worry baby. We could lie to her, saying that you cook a super delicious meal today, even though you didn't."

Haha..I was genuinely surprised when he said that. Such a brilliant idea! But I don't want us to be lying to our mother. Plus, eventually she'll come to know the truth..Mother's instinct is always right. 

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