Saturday, January 12, 2013

I hate statistics!

I screwed my statistics paper today. 
I knew this was coming considering the fact that I'm not a math whiz ever since I was a kid. 
But I didn't have a slightest clue it would be that difficult. 
I worked like mad still I did rubbish in it. I literally froze in front of the paper for the first few minutes.  I went into the exam knowing exactly what will come out but I went blank when I read the questions. It was like reading Chinese. 

It's not because the subject is poorly taught in my classroom. I love my lecturer to bits. He is the nicest lecturer I've ever had. He is also extremely smart. But the subject is really driving me insane! 
I forced myself to love statistics, and to some extent I must admit I did enjoyed doing the exercise. Weird. 

But today, my hatred towards statistics resurfaced. There goes my A, I thought to myself. *weeping*

But the worst is not over. I'm still going to face statistics for the next two semesters for my project paper. *weeping uncontrollably*

Me in the exam hall today. 

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