Friday, January 4, 2013


I secretly read mister's planner. And I stumbled upon one of his entries where he wrote what he's planning on getting me for my birthday in May. Hihi I was happy, been smiling all day but now it was no longer a surprise. Hehe my bad..but in my defense how can I restraint myself from reading it, especially after he told me not to. 

The problem now is his birthday is approaching in less than a month and I still haven't had any single clue what to get him.

Omg..I'm in a big trouble. Every year when it's getting nearer to his birthday I didn't know what should I get for him. Asking him would do no good. He would urged me not spend on anything. Oh don't even bother buying a cake coz he loathes it. So he's not really a cake person. 

Last year I only gave him a birthday card with two pink teddy bear illustrations on it. It costed me no more than Rm1.50. That was so mean, don't you think?

So this year I hope I could get him something that will make him feel extra special. Something that will cheer him up all year. But the most important criteria is, it has to be easy on the pocket! 

P/s: As I'm writing this, all of the sudden a brilliant idea comes to mind! *Super excited* I hope he loves it! 

Till then. 

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