Sunday, January 27, 2013

Huge bags

Wow what huge eye bags you got there, missy! :( I guess they get worse during this semester holidays. I've been abandoning my beauty sleep and spending a lot of time watching movies. Currently I'm hooked into Chuck. 10 more episodes left. Maybe I could finish them tonight. Before the break, I've promised myself to spend time reading, but now there goes my pleasure reading. I'll start reading once I finish watching all the best movies.  

I looked like a mess, tired and unattractive. Excuse the paleness. My lips were colourless it made me look sick. That's why I always love to apply red lipstick on my lippie. For me it is one of the crucial elements to looking fabulous! But mister don't really like it when I put some colours to my lips. This time I was exhausted from waiting my advisor. Waited for him for like 3 hours just to fill in my progress report. And at the end, he simply asked me to write the report on his behalf. No biggie actually. I just praised myself enough to look good in the report. 

So I wrote:
"Fitriah is showing interest and enthusiasm for study and has shown a good attitude in striving excellency in her study. She is also making steady progress academically and is maintaining grade-level achievements"

Hahaha..there you go..I wish I could write longer and boost myself more. But I think that's enough. The only  thing that worries me is my handwriting. It's obviously a student's handwriting, not a professor's. I hope people who will check the report won't notice or be bothered about it. Or else I'm a dead meat. And I also misspelled 'enthusiasm' and 'maintaining' in my report. Great! That is so bad man. I can't even spell those two words correctly. My English is deteriorating. 

Nonetheless, just now I googled some of the reasons behind large eye bags. They says lack of sleep, bad make up removal habits, age and genetic can all give rise to the appearance of eye bags. Apparently there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to eliminate the hideous eye bags. So there's no need to spend a lot of money on removing those baggy eyes. Three easiest ways that caught my attention (lazy girl detected) are by using cold water, tea bags and cucumber. Piece of cake!

But I guess the most easiest way to kick out those unpleasant creature is by sleeping! to sleep mooooore! 

So goodnight peeps!

But umm maybe not tonight. I got Chuck to catch. Maybe I'll start sleeping early tomorrow night. 

2 meows:

hajar :: aisyah said...

U mean the yummy chuck bass? High five!

Low five if it's not ;)

Fitriah said...

hajar!!! i can't read your blog..:(
please comeback. i miss reading your blog.

chuck bartowski. hehe..but i looooove
chuck bass!! he's super hot! he's such a badass..but that makes him even more attractive and sexy..haha

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