Sunday, December 30, 2012

Skin care


So I managed to submit my assignment yesterday. I was awake the whole night doing that assignment. I was given one week to complete it but (as usual) I only started doing it three days before the due date. That's one of my bad habits. Procrastination! I find it super hard to kick off that habit. Will only start doing any assignment when it's getting nearer to the due date. Very very bad indeed! Do not procrastinate should be on my next resolution! Then after submitting the assignment, I texted my friend. She told me half of the classmates haven't submit theirs and they asked for another few days from our lecturer. At first I thought, oh damn..Tak aci la gitu! But then again, I thought maybe Dr will see the effort I've put in completing the assignment on time? Maybe she will generously give me extra marks? hehe..hope so..

So today I've been sleeping all day long..while I was sleeping I somehow noticed the electricity was out for a few hours and I was sweating like I'm in a sauna. But strangely enough the hot climate and uncomfortable condition didn't bother me at all. I slept like I haven't in a million years. haha..Told mister about this. His response? "Orang kuat tidur memang macam tu.." What can I say..he knows me very well. 

Oh btw, have you guys heard of Safi beauty cream? I'm sure you do (if you're a girl). I heard A LOT of rave about this product. You could just google it and you'll find yourselves endless reviews about this product and I could say almost all of them are positive. It's crazy you know. So being a girl I was super excited to try it! This is because lately I can't help but to notice about my skin condition. It is dark, very dull, with a lot of scars and occasional acne. :(  I blame no one but myself for this. Sometimes I slept without cleansing my face first. This had happened numerous nights. It's not due to laziness but because I often tertidur while I was doing my work. 

Hence upon reading the just-too-good-to-be-true reviews, I got myself the cream!

This is the cream. A small cute case with a green cap. 

Tried this cream last night. My reaction to it? I loathe it! Sadly it makes my skin ridiculously oily. I can't bear the oiliness. Maybe coz my skin is naturally oily, so the cream doesn't suit my skin. I wonder how other people use this. Doesn't it make their skin oily like mine? Too bad for me. People said this cream is magic. It works like wonder. Among the benefits are (from the reviews I've read):
1. It could fade your scars.
2. Get rid (kecutkan) of your acne
3. Whiten your skin
4. Soften your skin
5. many more. can't remember. hehe

So goodbye Safi beauty cream. Unfortunately we don't belong together..May you rest well in the dustbin..

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