Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet tooth

This is one of my favorites. I'm big fan of waffle and so far I think this is the yummiest waffle I've ever had.

Chocolate waffle with ice cream, crushed peanut and chipsmore cookies on top.

As you can see the waffle is quite thick, and is layered with chocolate syrup. The chocolate syrup is just one of a kind! It's so scrumptious and rich, with a hint of milk. Me likey!

But this is only my second time eating this because it's quite pricey (but it was worth it). I only asked for the small one. From now on, no more cakes for me. I only want this for my birthday! I want this when I have a tough day! I want this when I'm sad, mad, moody, depress..This will definitely cheer me up in a second. :)

Those who have a strong liking for sweet foods, you guys have to try this. You can find it at Waffle Stop, Alamanda.

4 meows:

Anonymous said...

yummy, sedapnyaaa :)

Fitriah said...

memang sedap! you should try :)

mr boneng said...

8rm per stick. x mahal pun

Fitriah said...

mr boneng, klu gitu pasni beli yang besar tau :) :) :)

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