Monday, December 3, 2012

Bad day

Yesterday was a hellish day.

My laptop broke down.

It may sound like hyperbole, but to be having this kind of problem especially at the end of the semester is such a pain in the ass. 

Excuse the language. I was so upset.
I even burst  into tears when I called mister. Sounds ridiculous to be crying over misbehave laptop, right?
But that's how depressed I was. I have tons of assignments to do, all to be submitted next week, and this is not the time to act up. 

Unfortunately, mister was in Tanjung Malim. I had to wait for him to finish his job. 
I was lying in bed the whole day despite the heavy workloads.
Mister only arrived at Upm around 7.30pm.
It was already 8.45pm when we arrived at PAS.
Luckily mister managed to persuade the guy to fix my laptop and get it done by that night.

Reached home around 12pm. 
Everything was fine with my laptop except I couldn't connect to the internet.
Oh my..

Called mister to tell him and burst into tears AGAIN. hahaha..
I'm usually not this "cengeng". I guess the pressure, the workload is finally taking it's toll on me. 
Mister asked me to be patient and promised me he will fix it tomorrow.
But me, with all the pressure, the anxiety and worry of not being able to complete my assignments on time, couldn't be patient any longer.
So we had a fight. A big one. And it was because of me. 

I pity mister. I feel guilty towards him. Sometimes I treat him the way he didn't deserve to. 
He rushed towards Serdang from Tanjung Malim because of me. 
He even declined when his friends asked him to come and join them makan durian.
He has been so tolerant and forgiving with my terrible behaviour. 
But me, kepala angin sangat. Panas baran. Tak penyabar. :( 
I know it's not enough to simply say sorry, but I'm truly sorry..

Today mister had an interview in Subang. He came to see me right after he was done with it.
Alhamdulilah my laptop is working fine now. I pray it will stay this way, at least after I'm done with work. 

Another hellish day, but at least I have someone I can talk to, I can depend to.
Even though sometimes I feel I rely too much on him, making him my security blanket. 
It's not healthy..but I love it. I guess all of us feel secure about the fact that there is someone in this world who loves us, makes us happy, makes life beautiful, fun, and just awesome, can make all the troubles in the world melt away with one look or smile. :)

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