Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I finally got my driving license at the end of last year.
I didn't thought I could pass the test because I was so freaking bad at driving.
But I did. Syukur Alhamdulilah. I was over the moon!

Then without thinking twice I bought a car, I thought it be a lot easier for me to go anywhere instead of riding public transportation. I named him Snowie. I love him so much but to be honest, after buying the car I can't help but to feel a pang of regret in my heart. It's because I'm afraid to ride it. My family and mister told me it's just a matter of time. Sooner or later, with constant practice I'll be able to drive the car. That's what I told myself as well. I even apologized to Snowie for having that kind of thought. I don't want him to feel dejected.

Things were slowly getting better between me and Snowie. I rode him to class everyday. Still, I don't have the courage to drive him outside my university campus yet. Boo..

Then on one hellish day on my way back from class, I accidentally hit a car with my Snowie. The car was nicely parked and I, being a reckless driver hit its bumper. Being super panic and terrified of what had happened, I drove as far as I can from that car. So I think this can be considered as hit and run case. God..

Snowie after the accident:

Thank God mister is willing to switch his car with mine. So now I drive his Viva and Snowie's with him. Viva is so much smaller compared to my Snowie and I find that I am more comfortable driving Viva than my Snowie. Im sorry Snowie, I didn't mean to hurt you. Since that scary tragedy, I never drive Snowie. I guess it will take some time for me to pluck up a courage to drive my Snowie again. To the owner of the car I hit, my deepest sorry for what happened. I tried to look for you but hadn't found your car ever since. 

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