Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not a movie day

We were supposed to watch Skyfall today. 
I was looking forward to this day since last week. I put my best dress on, I even stuffed my face with foundation, something that I rarely do. Hehe..That's how thrilled I was to see mister today. Both of us haven't got much time to spend together lately. Me pretty much occupied with classes and assignments, mister with his work and photography job. 
But then on our way to Sunway Piramid, I got a sudden severe headache. My head was constantly banging like crazy. I even feel like I want to throw up. 
Mister suggested I should have something to eat so off we went to a nearby restaurant. Usually I will drool upon seeing my favorite dishes like ikan pari bakar, ikan keli masak pedas, masak lemak cili api, but not this time around. I only managed to eat half of my rice. 

Thus instead of going to the cinema, we went to massage. Best decision ever. Hehe
Both of us opted for full body massage and it costs us each Rm60. Quite reasonable I think?
The massage was good. It felt really nice. I think I had fallen in love with the sensation of having a massage. Might go there again every now and then. Oh, the masseuse told me I had a lot of "angin", that explains the sudden headache. She advised me not to drink cold drinks (I love cold drinks :( ) as she said they could kecutkan your sendi, but I guess it's okay to consume it occasionally. She also gave me a loooong lecture about the importance of taking care of our body and skin while we are still young. At last I bought a box of cocoa collagen from her. 

Balik2 terus searched reviews about this product. I was surprised to see there are lotssss of positive reviews about this cocoa collagen. Can't wait to try it!

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hajar :: aisyah said...

*tade kaitan dgn post, but i sooo loveee the template! always have. always will. hv fun with it :D

welcome back dear, i've missed u

Fitriah said...

i love it too! So cute kan! hehe. dulu hajar pun guna template ni kan? :) i miss you too!!

——•§HÅH••—— said...
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——•§HÅH••—— said...

miss to watch a movie with u. :)

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